brand Genius Pipe

Vendor: Genius Pipe

Colour: Silver Top Black

Silver Top Black
Black Top Black
Legally Pink
Limited - High Roller Mahogany with Evolution Slider
Limited - Psychedelic/Gold Genius with Evolution Slider
Limited - Independance Genius with Evolution Slider
Chong's Choice

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When they design their products, Genius conform to the principles of Zen design. They want their products in your hands as you enter a higher state of mind. Mindfulness, they claim is when you are more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Zen is a way of life, a personal, stripped back search for meaning that holds simplicity above all other concerns. Zen embodies the philosophy of minimalism and always makes use of uncluttered, natural looking designs.

This design philosophy is clear in their flagship product, the Genius Pipe. A unique, hyper minimalist pipe. The pipe is designed to cool your smoke by generating a flurry of vortices with every hit. It can do this thanks to the grid of dimples built into it’s anodised aluminium body. The Genius is portable, easy to extinguish, easy to smoke and easy to clean! It is without a doubt one of the best pipes on the market.

Genius supply a whole range of accessories that are perfect to keep your pipe in ship shape. From a repair kits to screens to keep your herb in place, Genius have everything you may need! Uniquely, one of these accessories offers a whole new function in for you pipe; Inserts that allow you to enjoy herb concentrates. The G-stones absorb concentrate oils and can be packed into your pipe, and lit as dry herb would be, truly innovative!

Pipes are quick to pack, light, smoke, and are much easier to clean than bongs. They’re also among the most efficient ways to enjoy herb with a very low levels of waste. The most that can be said for pipes is that when compared to joints or blunts they at least mitigate any burning paper entering your lungs. As we said before the choice is purely down to personal preference. We generally recommend a bong for the smooth, cool hits, though! To see our full range of bongs and dry pipes check out our UK web store.

Dry herb pipes are among the oldest and most common ways to enjoy dry herb. While not as popular as water bongs or joints they certainly have their aficionados. Any company hoping to enter the dry herb pipe market had better bring their A game, because the barrier to entry is high! Genius have not disappointed, they take a huge amount of pride in their design and execution.

This pride is well justified, they have evolved the concept of pipe design from its ceramic origins.

The cooling effect of Genius’ pipe cannot be understated. Since the days of yore it has been known that hot smoke can be very harmful to the human lung. Medical studies confirm that a whole host of lung disease can be caused by the inhalation of hot fumes. For herb fans throughout the millennia finding ways to cool smoke has been a priority and eventually it became an art.

This is why we have hookahs and water bongs! These objects do a fantastic job of cooling smoke, but are somewhat bulky to say the least! Portable devices and pipes didn’t have the same cooling ability for many, many centuries. Then Genius came along and with masterful engineering managed to crack the issue and create a small, portable pipe, with the same cooling power as a bong.

If you want a portable pipe that will protect your lungs then the Genius is for you. If you want to see our full range of dry herb pipes be sure to check out our online head shop! We also carry a range of cleaning products to keep your pipe in ship shape!

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Silver Top Black, Black Top Black, Legally Pink, Limited - High Roller Mahogany with Evolution Slider, Limited - Psychedelic/Gold Genius with Evolution Slider, Limited - Independance Genius with Evolution Slider, Chong's Choice