Genius Pipe - Genius Design, Genius Innovation

Genius Pipe - Genius Design, Genius Innovation

Genius unleashed totally new technology when they released their Genius Pipe to the people of the UK. Never seen before designs, which were tailored for a smooth, cool, clean smoke puts the Genius Pipe in a category of its own.

For a long time pipes have been a part of the smoking community in the UK, be it a top of the range water pipe or the typical one hitter, the advantages to using a pipe are endless. Portability, Speed, taste.. The list goes on.

However, while the different kind of pipes available continue to grow, none have shown the innovation or creativity that Genius have in their Genius Pipes.

In this article we will dissect the Genius Pipe to gain a greater understanding of the advances that have been made to this method of smoking we love so much.

Genius Pipe EDIT UK

The design of the Genius Pipe was a monumental change in the world of paraphernalia. Never before had we seen a pipe with such a sleek and discrete design.

You genuinely wouldn’t know what it was at first glance! Built using the finest machined aluminum, it weighs heavier than you would expect, demonstrating the quality of the materials used to manufacture.

The finish on the piece is also quite impressive and it is clear that attractiveness was a major player when deciding on the final design of the Genius Pipe.

Available in a range of colours and designs the Genius pipe is quickly making its mark as a revolutionary in the world of dry herbs.

GQ is quoted as saying “One of the best ways to make an adult-acceptable pipe? Make sure it doesn’t look like a pipe” - a perfect example of how easily camouflaged the Genius Pipe really is.

Genius Pipe EDIT UK

One of the biggest advantages of the Genius Pipe is its dedication to cool, clean hits not normally associated with pipes. Generally, to achieve a cool and filtered smoke you would have to use a water pipe however the Genius Pipe can do this without the water.

Using a totally new dimple technology they have created a means of cleansing the smoke as it travels towards your lungs - ensuring you the healthiest possible smoke. Easily dismantled, the Genius Pipe comes in three pieces.

A sliding insert is at the top of the piece with a body held together with four strong magnets. When the body is split in two it reveals the dimple technology which has revolutionised the Pipe market.

The Dimple Technology which has driven Genius Pipes to the forefront of the market is actually quite easy to understand.

Once you pack your bowl and light up, the sliding insert then covers the bowl partially to prevent smoke escaping while forcing it into the body of the piece where you take your draw from.

Surprisingly long, the Genius Pipe has the benefit of a larger surface area for the smoke to travel through before meeting its destination.

The dimples act as both a cooling and cleansing aid of which the results can be seen from when cleaning. The folks over at Genius claim 95% less tar and resin reaching your lungs when using the Genius Pipe.

As the smoke travels from the bowl to your lungs it travels through the dimples leaving behind the unwanted toxins without damaging that great flavour we all crave.

Genius Pipe EDIT UK

The Genius Pipe is as easy to clean as it is to use and as cleaning is necessary to ensure your pipe remains in optimal working order it's a massive advantage that it isn't a stressful task.

As the Genius Pipe is designed to give you the cleanest, smoothest smoke possible it is inevitable that remnants would be left behind.

Cleaning this model of pipe is as easy as lightly wiping the dimples and body of the Genius Pipe with alcohol and tissue. Be careful with the product you use to clean your pipe as some cleaning agents can damage the finish.

The gauze has a good strength and durability and can be used for a prolonged period before being replaced once kept properly and cleaned thoroughly after use.

While the smooth smoke the Genius Pipe creates is cooler than the average pipe on the market, it isn’t the only thing at a higher quality.

The flavor achieved using the Genius Pipe is unrivalled ensuring the days of harsh, burnt tasting Ganja are behind us.

Easy transportation and discreteness are two issues which hold pipes back in the dry herb market.

While cheaper than vaporizers and faster than joints or blunts, a pipe is still looked down on and it can be difficult to hide for what it is, however, the genius pipe easily slides into your pocket for fast discrete hits of the finest quality on the go.

The ease of which the Genius Pipe can be camouflaged is one of the biggest selling points it has but it is definitely not the only one, with sleek designs, smooth smoke that tastes incredible and a no coughing guarantee the Genius Pipe is sure to grow from strength to strength for many years to come.