Everything You Need To Know About The Arizer Air II

The vaporizer scene is growing rapidly as more and more people decide that they want to leave the toxins and carcinogens released by combustion.

Vaping means that you can enjoy all of the beneficial effects and fantastic flavours of your dry herb in the purest, healthiest way.

That isn’t the only aspect of dry herb vaporizers that is drawing people from far and wide, there is a huge range of advantages.

For the herb fan who values portability there is literally no better option than a quality portable vaporizer, and if you value portability it goes without saying that you value discreteness too.

Vaporizers don’t release any acrid clouds of smoke, so you can enjoy your herb without any lingering pungent smells!

There is no better time than now to get into the vaporizer scene! There is a gigantic range of high quality vapes to choose from, and to help you reach a decision we have decided to start a series of in-depth vaporizer run-downs.

The first vape we have decided to look at is the fantastic Arizer Air II.

The Arizer Air II - A Great Legacy

The Arizer Air II is an incredible portable vape and it is swiftly proving itself to be one of the very best vaporizers on the market for 2017.

It functions much like it’s famous precursor, The Arizer Air, but it is much more than just a knock off.

As a portable vape you’ll find that it has a heftier hit, it has a more powerful battery and is eminently versatile!

It carries over all the very best features from the Air. It has retained the incredible 100 % borosilicate glass air path and high quality ceramic heating set up as its predecessor.

Borosilicate glass is a high quality form of glass that is created by adding boron to glass during the creation process. The boron causes the glass to become more resistant to thermal shock, making it ideal to use in vaporizers.

The Arizer Air II - Uninterrupted Seshes

Arizer clearly learn from experience and have carried over the best features of the original. It’s swappable battery is ideal for herb fans who like to enjoy their herb when they’re out and about.

The rechargeable battery’s power has been increased 50% so you can enjoy longer sessions, up to 75 minutes of uninterrupted vaping.

The swappable battery allows you to carry spare and extend the range of your vaping experiences.

When one runs down, simply swap it out for another one with minimal interruptions to your vape experience.

Your vaping won’t be interrupted buy recharge times; the Air II features innovative charge through use so not even a flat battery will interrupt your sesh.

The Arizer Air II - Incredible Vape Quality

The vapor quality of the Air II is second to none, not even the Air I! The Arizer Air II has the most powerful heating element out of the entire range of Arizer portable vapes.

It will allow you to take even the fastest, longest draws without being overwhelmed, you won’t have to use any special techniques to get the most out of your hits.

This power works with a recessed heat jet that drastically increases the amount of air flow when compared to the Air I. You can pull huge, convection vaporized clouds that will satisfy even the most demanding of vape fans.

Despite this power each hit you take from the Air II will be tasty, smooth, and full of flavour.

The Arizer Air II - An Evolution

Every single facet of the original Air been improved and polished in the AIr II. Its entire design of this new vape has been deconstructed, analised and rebuilt from the ground up.

While the AIr utilised LEDs on the front of the unit to tell the user the temperature level of the device, the Air II has a clear and easy to read LCD display that gives you a plethora of information in a clear and concise way.

Another improvement can be found in the temperature control. It is much more precise allowing you to jump up and down in exact increments.

The Arizer Air II could easily prove to be one of the best portable vapes on the market, any herb fan should jump at chance to own it!