Hydrology 9 Vape | One for the Bong Lovers

Let's be frank, we're here because we all love bongs. There are few things nicer than getting home and enjoying a nice cool hit from your favourite glass piece, or if you're lucky enough having the option to choose from a selection of bongs!

Unfortunately, bongs aren't always the most portable and if you want to go away or out on a trip you need to plan meticulously. A lot of people are moving towards vaporizers for their on-the-go needs, with good reason!

Vaping is a fast and discreet way to enjoy your favourite ground herbs without the stress of lugging around something heavy. With the technological developments in recent years, you can even find ones that look like e-cigs, bringing discretion next level.

Vaping, while hitting the spot, isn't ever going to be the same as hitting a bog. Now don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE vape fan!

I wholeheartedly believe you can have love for both, but like meatballs and burgers, they're different ways of delivering the same delicious thing.

That's where the Hydrology 9 comes in; a blend of everything you enjoy in a bong, in the portable and slick design of a vape.

Hydrology 9 Cloudious 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer EveryoneDoesIt

The Design

The design is where the Hydrology 9 really excels, with Cloudious pulling out all the stops with their patent pending water cooling system.

The idea behind water cooling isn't new, and we've seen vapes be used with bongs before, but now the two ideas have come together ingeniously with this chilled piece.

Around the size of a mid-range deodorant can, and with some mild weight to it, this vaporizer is ready to be carried around in a bag rather than a pocket.

Looking like something sent from the future, this modern piece is just the beginning for Cloudious.

The slick glass exterior holds a porcelain chamber within, a material renowned for its delicious flavor and efficient clouds.

You might not be blowing steam like a train but you'll benefit highly from this top quality oven. Another design idea that's going to add highly to your experience is the air vent at the bottom.

An adjustable section, it acts as a carb hole during use and can change the draw resistance, a large draw for many vape enthusiasts. Not only does this help you customize your session, it also works to save you money and battery life!

The glass itself is also top quality, with borosilicate making up the rest of the device. Borosilicate glass might ring a bell with you, and that's because it gets used in all the top bongs thanks to its resilient and strong stature.

Combined with its size, these components will be working together to keep your vape going problem-free for as long as possible!

Hydrology 9 Cloudious 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer EveryoneDoesIt

The Taste

A prominent feature in many top end vaporizers is preset heats you can rotate between, and the Hydrology 9 is no different in this regard, but the way it maintains those heats is another genius idea from the minds behind this sci-fi vaporizer.

A chip near the bottom reads the heats and whenever cold air enters the chamber, it works incredibly fast to recover temperature integrity. In short, this chip keeps everything at perfect heats!

Between the temperature maintenance, the ceramic oven, and the phenomenal water filtration, your vapour will never be more tasty or delicious!

Creating this device really combined the world of vaporizers and bongs, but even if you are a regular user of both this vapour quality will surprise and amaze you.

Some of the most delicious we've ever tried, the Hydrology 9 brings together aspects of our favourite top end vapes with the cooling system from our favourite bongs!

The minds behind this piece put a lot of research into what they wanted to show the world, and their hard work is demonstrable in their device's quality.

The Features

Aside from everything mentioned above, there are a few small functions in the Hydrology 9 vape that are honestly quite cool.

The chamber cab has a built in stirring tool, so rather than having to remove the lid to stir manually like in most other vaporizers you can simply twist the cap to mix up your materials!

The five available heat settings are available with a click of a button just near the centre of the device, where you can also see how much battery you have left.

Just above it is the LED light system, which sends light through the water filter section for a gorgeous look on top of an already slick and modern glass vape.

If you have it out with you, it also has a party mode and can begin flashing a variety of colours with just a click!


The Hydrology 9 is a blend of ingenious design and customer experience focused research, bringing together the best of both vaping and bong worlds to create a gorgeously styled vaporizer that appeals to both groups.

Maybe you're someone who loves bongs but is curious about vaping, or maybe you're someone who wants to bring the benefits of bongs out and around with them, or maybe you're a vaper who wants to try something new!

This piece has something for everyone, and I cannot wait to see what Cloudious bring out next.