The Coolest Ice Bongs For This Heatwave

It’s hot. It’s goddamn hot. It’s so hot that my fingers are sticking to the keys as I type this.

It’s so hot that I have every window in my flat thrown open and bees are getting in. It’s so warm that the idea of hot smoke is barely conceivable right now.

So what does that mean? When the sun’s out you can’t enjoy your herb for fear of tipping your internal thermostat over the edge and spontaneously combusting?

Where the water of your bong that should be cooling your smoke begins to boil in the heat, what do you do?

No there is a solution, a fantastic solution that will offer you cool easy to take smokes every time: Ice Bongs.

Ice Bongs are a specialised piece of glassware that goes one step further than your standard issue water bong. It has special notches in the neck that holds blocks of ice in the path of your smoke.

This leads to a cooler, smoother hit than you could find in any other method of smoking herb. Of course there’s other methods for cooling your hit, percolators break up your smoke which helps it cool, beaker bottom bongs have more water for your hit to filter through.

All of these combined though, will lead to a virtually arctic hit!

Here is a hand-picked selection of our finest and coolest ice bongs!

The Blaze Glass Ice Bong With Spiral Percolator

Ice Bong

The Blaze Glass Ice Perc Bong is a sturdy piece more than able to keep up with any of the rigors of daily use. Looming at 4500mm tall and with 5mm thick glass, this is a premium quality bong.

Its spiral percolators help break up and cool your hit by diffusing it into smaller bubbles, and its round, stable base will ensure that you won’t have to watch it tipping over!

Just above the percolators there is a perforated internal disc that holds ice in the neck of the bong, this combined with the percs will guarantee you the smoothest, coolest possible hits.

Other handy features of the bong is that up towards the top of the tube there is a magnet that will handily hold your lighter, or any other metallic bits-and-bobs.

The Grace Glass Beaker Bong With Spiral Perc

Ice Bong

Grace Glass present this fantastic beaker ice bong. It features a spiral percolator to break up your hit, a splash guard to keep that nasty bong water out of your mouth and fantastic aesthetic;it truly is a beautiful piece of glass!

It is beautifully coloured and its ice notches make it perfect for those who want the coldest hit possible!

Grace Glass Cylinder Bong With Twin Percs And Ice Pinch

Ice Bong

Grace Glass have done it again with this gorgeous cylinder bong. It features a pair of honeycomb diffusers in its lower section to break up and filter your smoke as much as possible and a trio of ice pinces in the centre that allow you to drop a few ice cubes down to cool your hit immensely.

This bong is a staggering 18 inches tall with a 2 in diameter so the cold hits you’ll be taking are going to make the arctic vortex look like a light breeze.

GEAR - Spade Glass Mini Bong Dab Rig

Bong Ice

For those of you who prefer something a little more potent than dry herb GEAR have this fantastic Dab rig.

GEAR have a great reputation for gorgeous glass that performs as well as it looks, and the Spade Glass Mini Dab Rig is certainly no exception. Available in six striking colours, there’s one for everyone!

These great rigs have a slit diffuser downstem and ice notches incorporated into the main cylinder, together they provide unparalleled cooling.

There we have it, four bongs perfect for an ice-cool session on a hot summer day