Mighty By Name Mighty By Nature: The Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Mighty by name mighty by nature, the Mighty vaporizer is one of two portable vaporizers made by Storz & Bickel.

Germany's premier vape company revolutionised the desk top vaporizer market with the Volcano and Volcano Hybrid, unique cone shaped vaporizers that use advanced convection techniques and fans to create a wonderful thick vapor which can be pushed into a detachable balloon.

They have become masters of fantastic vapor and have taken that experience to the world of portable vaporizers.

The one shortcoming of the Volcano vapes was their size, which is a concession that has to be made for quality… Or is it?

With the Mighty they have raised the standard of what a portable vaporizer! The mighty uses the same technology as the Volcano but crammed into a much smaller package; a hand held device perfect for the herb enthusiast on the go.

The Mighty is roughly the size of a smartphone, it weighs a mere 230g. This means that it can perfectly fit into a pocket or bag.

Mighty Portable Vape

Though it is somewhat larger than other vaporizers on the market it is definitely a far more compact vaporizer than it seems at first glance.

On the casing of the unit you can see the vivid LED display; a miniaturised version of what you can find on the volcano.

It shows the current temperature of your unit, the selected temperature and the remaining battery life.

The Mighty is a highly precise vaporizer, it’s temperature can be adjusted by tiny degree increments, this means that you can get exactly what you want from your vaping experience.

Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the boiling points of the active ingredients in dry herb. If you want, you can manipulate the temperature of your vape to change the type of effect you feel from it.

You can also control the temperature to adjust the thickness of your vapor, the higher the temperature the thicker the vapor, the lower the thinner!

For absent minded stoners the Mighty has a vibrating alert that will let you know when the optimal temperature has been reached!

Many vaporizers work through one of two ways. With either conduction or convection.

Conduction heating elements work by applying the heat to the herb directly. The second method, convection, blows hot air through the chamber, as it flows over the herb it lifts the vapor that way.

Often vaporizers are forced to pick one or the other of these methods, The Mighty chooses both!

It’s hybrid heating system uses the speed of conduction to reach usable temperatures, and the thickness and efficiency of convection.

It is truly a powerful and versatile system that will guarantee you quick and flavourful vapor!

This power doesn’t come at the expense of battery life. The Mighty comes equipped with dual lithium ion battery that provides a very long battery life that won’t let you down.

It also comes with a charge through power adapter that will allow you to use it as you charge it! Not that you’ll need to do that too often, your

The Mighty is a versatile vaporizer. Not only can it vaporize dry herbs, it can also vaporize oil concentrates, and e-liquids.

This means that you can vary your vaping experience as much as you want! Trying out a whole new array of flavours, vapors,and highs!

The best thing is that all of these materials can be used with a very low risk of combustion, so you can rest easy and relax during your vaping session!

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