The Best Pneumatic Rosin Press

If you’ve experimented with a hydraulic rosin press and like the results, when it’s time to upgrade a pneumatic rosin press is the way to go. Low maintenance and capable of providing great power with a whisper quiet operation, pneumatic rosin presses are just better all round.

But once you’ve decided to buy a pneumatic rosin press, which one should you buy? The market has lots of different models, all claiming to be the best rosin press available. Here’s a closer look at what you should look for in a pneumatic press and what we think is one of the best models on the market.

The benefits of using a pneumatic press for Rosin

Whether you’re completely new to rosin presses or are looking to upgrade from your existing model, a pneumatic press will pay dividends in the end.

Hydraulic presses are great for entry level but in the long term you won’t get the performance or quality that’s available with a pneumatic press.

A pneumatic rosin press uses air compressors to provide the power, with absolutely no manual effort required. Simply press a button and watch your presser power up, ready for action.

This means that the pressing action tends to be stronger and more even, delivering power all over the plate. This ease of function means they are practically maintenance-free, leaving you with a machine you can rely on whenever you need to dab.

Quality features in a pneumatic press

The market is flooded with lots of different pneumatic presses and it can be hard to decide which model is the best when it’s time to buy. However, even if you’re a rosin novice, it’s possible to whittle down the selection to find the best on the market.

Some of the cheaper pneumatic presses need to be re-oiled regularly; this increases the maintenance required and is generally a sign of a lower quality build. The very best pneumatic presses don’t use oil at all.

Wherever possible look out for an oil-less pneumatic press; this eliminates the possibility of any traces of oil being discharged into your material and contaminating your rosin.

Narrow, rectangular plates are preferable to larger, square plates even though the latter is what you are more likely to find. You might be inclined to choose larger plates so you can press more material at once, but overall the yield can be less.

Narrow plates allow the rosin to escape from the heat as quickly as possible, essential for collecting the maximum possible as well as preserving the all-important terpenes.

Even heating is important; this ensures you receive the maximum possible out of rosin. Uneven heating means part of your material could be either burnt or under processed, giving a lower yield. Poor quality pneumatic presses often use stainless steel for the plates.

This may sound like a high-quality material but it conducts heat very poorly, resulting in uneven heat distribution. Look for aluminium plates instead; these heat evenly and produce a much better result.

Rosin Press Extract

Recommended: RTP GOLD Series Pneumatic PLUS 2.0 Rosin Heat Press

Bearing all the above factors in mind, one of the best pneumatic heat presses on the market is the GOLD Series Pneumatic PLUS 2.0 Rosin Heat Press from Rosin Tech Products (RTP).

A high-quality pneumatic press, they feature 2 inch x 3 inch heating plates which are made from aluminium. This ensures even heating and the maximum possible distribution, with end to end heating on the plates guaranteed.

You’ll have full temperature control over the plates too, an essential for producing rosin from different materials. A gauge allows you to use either Celsius or Fahrenheit and you can set the controls from 0° - 250°C

Once in action, this presser delivers a whopping 3000lbs of sheer power, squeezing out every drop of rosin. There’s an automatic digital timer so you’ll never overheat your material by accident and there’s an emergency lift button too.

With the precise control this machine offers over both pressure time and heat, you will receive pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to refine your processing to get the absolute best rosin possible.

The digital display shows the temperature of each of the plates at all times so you can see at a glance exactly what’s going on.

Enjoy quality rosin

The GOLD Series Pneumatic PLUS 2.0 Rosin Heat Press by RTP is arguable the best pneumatic heat press on the market today. Powerful and strong, the heat produced can be customised and controlled in a precise and measured way.

With high quality materials and an impressive design, you can expect to produce the most rosin possible from these plates. While the quality of the end dabs relies greatly on the quality of the raw product, this press will allow you to preserve all of the best characteristics to give a strong, flavourful and intense hit.