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What Is A Rosin Press?

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What Is A Rosin Press?

Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy herb in the UK, but where does herb concentrate come from?

The normal method of creating concentrates is to use a solvent, usually butane, to push the active ingredients out of the herb.

After this is done all of the solvent is removed via vacuum oven and one of three types of concentrate is produced.

Oil is the least pure and most viscous type of concentrate, wax is the next most pure form of concentrate it has a sticky crumbly texture.

Finally shatter is the purest type of concentrate, it has a brittle glass like consistency, hence the name!

Though the results are great, the solvent based method requires a lot of heavy equipment, time, and the ever present risk of a butane explosion.

So we wouldn’t recommend you try it at home! However the new innovation of the rosin press will allow you to create your own solvents with only one piece of equipment, some pressure, and some heat.

The whole process is faster too with some presses producing results in seconds!

A rosin press is a machine used to produce precise amounts of heat and pressure in short bursts.

The trick of the rosin press is that it can balance the heat and pressure over the correct amount of time to create high quality herb extract!

When you are producing resin it is important to precisely control the heat so you can preserve the terpenes (the fine hairs found on herb) and the cannabinoids (the active ingredients in the herb).

If you allow the temperature to climb too high in too quick a space of time then these materials can degrade; causing your resultant concentrate to be weak and flavourless. This is why it’s important to attempt to create concentrate at lower temperatures.

The best way to reduce heat is to increase the pressure. Exerting high pressures on the products helps creates a concentrate with a far higher amount of terpenes.

An indication of a good rosin press is the amount of pressure it can produce thus allowing the heat to be lowered.

Rosin X Mini Manual Press

Rosin X Mini UK

This desktop press is far more powerful than it would seem at first. A mere 16 inches in height it isn’t much bigger than the average electric kettle, though it is a heavy piece of kit; weighing in at 16kg.

Its compact size means that it can be easily stored in a press or drawer when not in use.

Despite the tiny package it is a powerful beast, able to generate in excess of 5500 lbs of pressure. When you consider the 4 X 2 inch pouches you’ll realise that this beast can exert up to 490 psi on your dry herb!

All this pressure means that the minimum amount of heat is applied to create your concentrate, preserving the highest amount of cannabinoids possible.

Now you may worry that such a powerful machine will cause a racket whenever you turn it on.

In reality the Rosin Mini Manual Press is almost completely silent! On top of that it only needs a little electricity so you don’t have to worry about it sending your bills sky rocketing!

RosinBomb Press

If you want something a little more powerful then you should check out the RosinBomb press, the Mini’s bigger brother.

This beast can exert far more pressure and has multiple individually heated plates that will allow you to produce concentrate on a much larger scale.

If you have the room for it, and if you want huge quantities of high quality, potent dabbing concentrate then this piece of machinery is for you!

Once you’ve gotten your hands on your home made concentrate you’re going to want to enjoy it with a premium quality bubbler, to find one and a whole host of accessories check out our online UK webstore.

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