The Best Dry Herb Vapes You Can Find In The UK

The UK vape scene has become overly diverse indeed, the market is saturated with all manner of vaporizers.

From desktop behemoths spewing great clouds of fantastic vapor, to crafty vape pens that can give you great dabbing experiences in a compact package. You can enjoy oils, concentrates, even aroma therapeutic blends with a whole host of different vaporizers.

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics, to look at the vaporizers that started it all; portable dry herb vapes. Dry herb vapes are one trick ponies, they simply heat your herb to create smooth, full vapor for you to enjoy. Isn’t that enough?

Though designed to do one thing, they certainly do it well. Dry herb vapes use their heating systems to gradually heat and vaporize the active ingredients of herb; allowing you to enjoy it without any of the nasty toxins or carcinogens.

They do this by using either conduction or convection heating systems. Conduction heating systems work by applying heat to the herb directly.

This method has a very fast heat up time so you won’t have to worry about long waits before you can enjoy your herb. However, if you push this system too hard it can result in hotspots and combustion.

Convection on the other hand indirectly heats the herb by allowing hot air to flow over it much in the same way that a fan oven works. This has the advantage of evenly heating all of your herb; leading to a rich, thick vapor.

E-Livi8 Portable Vape

Portable vape

The E-Livi8 Portable Vaporizer is a handheld vape tailor made for use with dry herbs. It uses a mixture of conduction and convection to quickly and evenly heat your herb. It is powered by twin 2600 MaH lithium-ion batteries, ensuring that you won't have to worry about your vape session being interrupted by a sudden power cut.

The idea behind the E-Livi8 was to create a portable vaporizer that actually does what it is supposed to do, and offer fantastic vaporization. It offers three pre-set temperatures to choose between, so you can find the vape experience that suits you.

On top of this the E-Livi8 has a fantastic aesthetic. It has a sleek chrome finish on its body, this also serves as a mark of its authenticity no other vaporizer on the market has a chrome finish. This serves as a mark of authenticity; if it isn’t chrome it isn’t authentic!

Digibake Portable Herb Smart Vaporizer

Digibake portable vape

The Digibake Herb Smart Vape is a slick and portable vape that is specifically engineered for use with dry herb. It ensures that you’ll get the most out of any dry herb you put into it. It features a ceramic oven for a smooth taste and rapid heat up times so you won’t have to wait about for your first hit.

Exclusive form the EDIT collection this vape is designed to be compact, portable, and of course discreet. It’s matt black finish makes it a stealth bomber compared to most of the garish vapes out there!

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer solo Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a cutting edge innovation in portable vaping. It features and astounding temperature control, a small lightweight design, fast heating ceramic element and a fresh air intake for clean, clear hits. All of this is powered by a powerful battery that won’t let you down.

This vape is incredibly easy to use, all of its fantastic features can be accessed with just the push of a button. The heating time on the Arizer is so fast that you’ll never be able to go back to older, slower vapes.

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