Snoop Dogg Pounds - The Best New Bong Range of The Year?

Snoop Dogg is probably one of the foremost proponents, or even ambassadors of the herb scene. There is hardly a single person in the UK herb scene who doesn’t know who Snoop Dogg is, regardless of their opinion of his music.

Snoop has become more than just a de facto spokesman for herb, he has also stepped up and produced a line of high quality glass bongs for his fans, and fans of herb alike.

Pounds is the new bong and accessory line from Snoop Dogg. It is a collection of five distinct, premium hand-blown glass bongs.

The name is a subtle nod to his history with the Death Row Records label, 'Tha Dogg Pound'. The Bongs are all designed by Snoop himself and bear ship inspired names.

The range is priced for any budget and features a range of percolators and unique design elements.

Aside from his music, fame, and constant advocacy, Snoop was always been a landmark figure in the herb scene when he made a splash with his Snoop Dogg vaporizers and his own herb products available in Colorado.

The collection is trying to bring you a next level smoke, their design is focused on a crisp, clean taste and smooth hit every time.

Each bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass that is sturdy and resistant to thermal shock.

Starship Bong

Starship Bong Snoop Dogg Pounds

The most affordable of the set the Starship, a six inch mini bong. It doesn’t have a percolator but instead has a diffused downstem.

This will break up your hit for further cooling. This bong is perfect for a beginner looking for their first bong, or a seasoned veteran looking for something a bit more petite!

Rocketship Bong

Rocketship Bong Snoop Dogg Pounds

The next bong up in the Pounds line is the rocketship. The rocketship is a fifteen inch tall bong with a diffuser and ice pinch; this guarantees the a super smooth and cool hit with every use. The Rocket also has an incredibly low and flat centre of gravity so it is stable and easy to use.

Spaceship Rig

Spaceship Puck Rig Snoop Dogg Pounds

The Spaceship is the first dabbing rig in the Pounds collection. It stands fourteen and a half inches tall and features a huge tube with a reverse showerhead perc inside it. Each Spaceship rig comes with all the dabbing tools you’ll need.

Mothership Bong

Mothership Bong Snoop Dogg Bong

The Mothership definitely earns its name. It is a truly impressive bong that stands an imposing fourteen and a half inches tall.

It has a ninety degree angled, recycling downstem attached to an inline diffuser which leads to a UFO shaped diffuser further up the pipe! A complicated device indeed.

The smoke from each hit has to go on a veritable exodus during each hit. By the time it reaches your mouth you’re guaranteed one of the most delicious hits of your life.

Battleship Rig

Snoop Dogg Battleship Rig Pounds

The biggest and most expensive piece in the Pounds line. The Battleship is a gigantic dabbing rig, fourteen and a half inches tall, three percolators, two of which are turbine style and the remaining one is a honeycomb.

It also features a 90 degree recycling downstem and of course an elegantly angled mouthpiece for easy use.

Much like the spaceship it comes packaged with all the dabbing tools you may need to use so you can immediately start dabbing straight away.

The Pounds are fantastic for the UK smoker who wants to start their bong collection with a small piece, move up to a more complicated model, or even just want to augment their collection with a high quality piece.

Pounds bongs are designed to give you the best smoking experience they can without breaking the bank.