Starship Bong by Snoop Dogg POUNDS | 6 inch

Vendor: Pounds

Title: White


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Snoop Dogg POUNDS UK | Starship Bong

Part of the brand new POUNDS collection from Snoop Dogg, the Starship is ready to blast the competition away! A beaker shaped 6" water bong made for herbs, it is the perfect addition to your collection as a more portable bong for group settings or even personal use as a beginners piece. We are so proud to bring our UK users the new Snoop Dogg POUNDS range of bongs! Let the Starship transport you past the clouds and sky high!

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Beaker Base 

With a beaker base your smoke has longer to cool, making them tastier and easier to hit! Due to a wider base, more water can fit within which gives the smoke more area to travel through and then helps cool it down. An additional feature of having a wider base is the safety aspect. A larger bottom means a lower center of gravity and fewer chances of it falling over! The last thing anyone wants during a session is an accident, and with high-quality hand-blown glass, your Starship will be safe even if it does topple!

Snoop Dogg Bong UK - Diffusing Heat

The Starship comes with a diffused downstem for additional cooling time, making this small yet mighty! The smoke passes through the stem itself and then through slits at the end for more potential to chill down. Between the diffuser and the larger base, you are given more time than in your average 6" bong. The Starship is more powerful than it comes across while still maintaining the option for gateway to bongs for beginners. This makes it handy for group scenarios too; between size and strength it can be handed around casually without problems.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Clean Cut Design

Snoop Dogg's POUNDS line of glassware is innovative and gorgeous, mixing minimalist design with splashes of colour! Every piece comes available in 4 different colours, with 1 of those being unique per device. The Starship can be purchased in classic clear, bold black, wicked white, as well as its own colour pure purple. Colour is used carefully, with simple placement along the glassware itself. Each device comes within a beautifully packed box, white with the bright logo outside and placed on a white background surrounded by its unique colour inside. You also receive a small guide to using your bong!

Snoop Dogg Bong UK - Maintenance

Thanks to the simple classic beaker design, this is one of the easiest bongs to keep clean on the market! Able to see within through the clear exterior, simply remove the stem for easy access! With its slight frame, you will be finished cleaning it in no time, ready to return to your session with a great piece. The high quality of the glass means very little dents and dirt, so you can go for longer with fewer pauses!

The Starship is a great additional piece for any bong users collection, merging seamless design with ease of use and pure simplicity! This is a water piece ideal for introducing someone to bongs, or for small group gatherings between friends. Let this new piece from Snoop Dogg bring you to boundless possibilities!


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White, Black, Clear, Purple