Introducing the DaVinci Miqro

DaVinci just dropped their newest portable vape, the Miqro vaporizer. Following on the same path as the DaVinci IQ, the Miqro is essentially the same things you loved about its predecessor in an even smaller and more discreet package.

About the DaVinci Miqro

The DaVinci Miqro is incredibly compact - measuring in at almost 8 cm tall x 3.5 cm wide, with a depth of just over 2 cm.

Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, the Miqro is discreet and stealthy for using out and about. It weighs in at just 100 grams, in comparison to the DaVinci IQ which is 40% heavier at 140 grams.

The Miqro comes at a lower price tag than the IQ, but surprisingly it comes with a full kit of tools and accessories included in your purchase – including a grinder card, an extended mouthpiece, gaskets, cleaning tools and materials, a carry case, and a carry-can keychain to store spare herb and batteries.

DaVinci Miqro

Highly Customizable

The Davinci Miqro vaporizer is highly customizable to your own tastes, with various modes and settings to choose from to tweak your session to your liking – including a boost mode and standby mode.

By choosing the Boost mode, your device will raise the temperature further for the last few hits of your session.

Standby mode will rapidly cool down the device to preserve battery life and your remaining dry herb. Much like the IQ, DaVinci have fitted the Miqro vaporizer with their signature Smart Paths feature.

With Smart Paths, you choose a ten minute session in which your Miqro will slowly increase the temperature over a space of 20°F/12°C.

The Miqro gives you four pre-set Smart Paths to choose from – Smart Path 1 (350° F / 176°C - 370°F / 187°C), Smart Path 2 (370°F/187°C - 390°F/199°C), Smart Path 3 (390° F / 199°C - 410°F/ 210°C) and Smart Path 4 (410°F/210°C - 430°F/222°C).

This Smart Paths feature is perfectly timed for a quick session alone or with friends. You can also reduce the oven size of your Miqro device simply by turning the zirconium pearl in the oven, to increase or decrease space within the chamber.

Battery Capacity

The Miqro is powered by two replaceable 18350 batteries. The device is charged via usb, which is included in your purchase kit.

This makes the Miqro incredibly easy to charge on the go, although it is one small downside that the batteries have to be inside the device to be charged as opposed to charging them individually.

Full charge time takes about 90 minutes, and the Miqro also offers pass-through charging – meaning you can use your vaporizer while is it plugged in to charge.

The Miqro battery lasts for about 50 minutes at full charge, which considering its smaller battery size is actually quite good – especially when you look at something like the Crafty that lasts 45 minutes.

Davinci Miqro

High Quality Vapor with Conduction Heat?

The Davinci Miqro takes about 45 seconds to heat up, which is pretty standard in vapes of the same ilk. The Miqro has a great tasting vapor for a conduction device, which is all down to the high-quality materials used in production.

The vapour path, bowl, air path and mouth piece are all constructed out of ceramic zirconium, which on top of providing a pure, cool vapour. Clouds are dense and tasty, and you can produce large clouds which still taste great even at higher temperatures.

Just remember that because the Miqro is a conduction vaporizer, it can only be used with loose leaf. To get the best results with conduction heat, grind your herb as finely as possible and pack it tight within your oven.

The oven capacity with the Miqro is about .25 grams of dry herb with a tight pack, although you can reduce this to .15 grams with the adjustable pearl screw.

DaVinci MiqroThe ceramic zirconium also makes the Miqro incredibly easy to clean. Simply empty and brush down all solid parts with the pipe cleaner included in your kit. After 10-15 uses when you notice a stronger draw resistance, remove the vapor path and clean with isopropyl alcohol. That being said, for a vaporizer this size and price the draw resistance is quite minimal.

Video Review of the DaVinci Miqro

Overall, the DaVinci Miqro is a pocket-sized, high-performance conduction vaporizer. For something this compact, the Miqro delivers serious results in comparison to other vaporizers in the same price bracket.

It is the height of discretion, and it would be the perfect device to take out to a concert, a day festival or night out with friends.

Despite the smaller size, the Miqro still packs a punch – and delivers the same high-quality vaping experience as the DaVinci IQ.