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Da Vinci - Portable Vaporizers for Sale

Da Vinci are at the forefront of vaporizer innovation in the UK market, and are among the most popular vaporizers on our web store. They have carved a niche for themselves as the vaporizer manufacturer who are willing to push boundaries, and raise the bar for all portable vapes. Their design philosophy is informed by sleek shapes and portability. Though they focus on compact designs they never let that stand in the way of functionality. 

Da Vinci Pocket Vaporizer

The Da Vinci Pocket Vape is perfect for the herb enthusiast on the move. Yes, it does look like a walky talky! It is a simply, straight forward unit that aims to cover the basics of what a vape should be and do it well. The precision temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature of the stainless steel convection chamber up to 430 degrees centigrade! Mindful that this device will often be used out and about Da Vinci have seen fit to build in a handy storage compartment that houses a multi-functional cleaning brush and a stash brush for your materials. The Da Vinci pocket can use both dry herbs and oils, best of all it doesn’t leave any lingering smoke so it’s perfect for those who value subtlety. All this packed into a rugged hardened plastic unit that has survived test falls from as high as 10ft!

Davinci IQ

The Da Vinci IQ vaporizer definitely lives up to its name! It’s intelligently designed to tell you everything you need to know about what’s going on in your chamber. The IQ comes with a grid of LED dots arrayed into a stylish and intuitive display.

The IQ’s chamber is made from the highest quality ceramic and has a range of 250-430° F. It is incredibly easy to load with your favorite herb blend. It uses conduction heating that hits as much of your herb as possible thanks to its all encompassing design! The conduction heating means that the heat up time of the chamber is a lightning fast 16 seconds, and comes with a handy vibrating alarm that will alert you to when the unit is ready for use!. The ceramic zirconia air path guarantees that your vapor won’t be tainted by any toxins or gross plastic tastes. Best of all, with the IQ you don’t have to worry about any lingering herb smells!

The Da Vinci IQ is easy to use and precise. It combines three different functions that allow you to tailor your vaping experience. Setting number one called ‘Smart Path mode’ allows users to select to pre programme the temperature to automatically change during their session. The second available mode is called ‘Precision mode’. This allows you to fine tune your temperature settings with slight adjustments of a couple of degrees at a time, so you have the ultimate control over your herb. Last but not least there’s boost mode which allows for bigger hits.

The versatility offered by the IQ  is boosted even further by the compatible smartphone app, available on both Android and iOS! The IQ connects to the app with it’s bluetooth connectivity. The app allows you to adjust the the temperature down to the very degree. 

The IQ’s battery offers up to three hours of continuous use! This should soothe any worries about the IQ dying on you when you’re in the middle of a vape session. Best of all the battery is easily swapped out for a spare! Perfect for when you’re out on the move.

Da Vinci Ascent Vape

The Ascent is among the most advanced portable vapes that Da Vinci produce. It can be used with both dry herb and oils. The Ascent is unique in the UK vaporizer market that can guarantee 100% glass vaporization; the whole vapor pathway is made of glass guaranteeing you perfect flavour every time.

The Ascent has a subtle and stylish design is equipped with a glass air path and a glass coated ceramic bowl. For those who enjoy the aesthetic side of things then you have a selection of finishes to choose from, including stealth, burl wood, croc skin, black skulls and carbon fiber.

The unit can boast an over 3 hour battery life it won’t let you down when you’re out and about!

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