Aurora Vaporizer Pen

Vendor: Dr Dabber

Title: Aurora Vaporizer Pen | Dr. Dabber

Aurora Vaporizer Pen | Dr. Dabber

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Aurora Vaporizer Pen

The Aurora Vape pen is ideal for the concentrate fan who likes to enjoys great taste and short sessions on the go. It’s ergonomic and discreet design makes it eminently portable.

The Aurora WaxPen from Dr. Dabber is incredibly innovative and fully functional. The smooth satin finish partnered and threadless magnetic connections contribute to the sleek and elegant aura of this vape pen. With three carefully calibrated heat settings and three different atomizers, you‰۪re sure to find exactly what you need. Standard Five Click Safety Feature is included as always.

Dr. Dabber is committed to creating the finest vaping experience possible for all concentrate fans!

Aurora Vaporizer Pen


Wax concentrates



Heating system

Atomizer ( Ceramic and Quartz)

Atomizer Material


External coating

Satin black finish

Battery Life

Up to 300 hits

Colour Coded Heat Settings

The three heat settings of the Aurora vape pen are displayed with a system of three colours, so you can tell what temperature your device is at a glance. For the lowest heat setting the LED will turn green, for the medium setting your LED will appear to be blue, and for the highest setting you will see a pink LED light up.

This LED system is a simple and clear way for you to be able to tell what the current setting on your vaporizer is, you don’t need to second guess yourself; simply glance at the LED.

Threadless Snaptech Connections

Don't get it twisted with this revolutionary new connection style. Snaptech Magnets keep your components secure but not sticky. No more wrist action when constructing your vape pen set up. Industry trailblazer Dr. Dabber does it again! You won’t have to worry about correctly lining up threads or seals when you use this fantastic pen vape. Spillage won’t be a risk, the strong magnets that hold this vape together won’t let you down!

Satin Black Finish

The Aurora Vaporizer pen features a stylish and striking satin black finish that ensures that it is discrete and stylish. This combined with its compact shape means that this is the perfect vape to use when you’re out and about and want a quick vape experience. A discrete and understated vaporizer pen is an important thing to have if you’re a concentrate fan who likes to keep a low profile when you’re out and about, then Dr Dabber’s Aurora is ideal.

Three Different Atomizers

You know the saying. Choose from three high quality atomizers. A dual quartz rod is prime for low viscosity concentrates. The dual ceramic rod is a wonderful sidekick for higher viscosity matter, and the ceramic halo heater atomizer is best used with waxier substances. All atomizers are connected to a crystal quartz dish.

Three atomizers and three temperatures settings gives you a lot of room to adjust and experiment with whatever works best for you

Two Mouthpieces

The mouthpiece is secured with a traditional rubber O ring, so you can expect a great seal and incredible pull when you take a hit from this vape. Two are included in the kit so you can choose whichever one suits you best. The mouthpiece offers a

Five Click Safety Feature

Once you set your temperature you activate your vaporizer pen by pressing in the power button five times. When you take a draw from the the Aurora, hold down the power button. This safety feature is great for a compact vaporizer that can be carried inside a pocket safely without being accidentally switched off.

Magnetic USB Charging Base

The USB charging base is great and handy way to not only charge your vapes battery but also to ensure that it doesn’t roll away or become misplaced. The magnetic lock ensures that your vape is kept safe and secure when it is being charged.

Aurora Vaporizer Pen In Depth Review

The Dr Dabber Aurora pen is designed for use with wax concentrates, and is a compact and innovative unit that is set to revolutionise the vape pen market. It is discreet, ergonomic, stylish and it is built from the ground up to optimise the taste and smoothness of your vapor

One of the most striking differences you’ll find within the Aurora is its magnetic locking system. The three main components of the piece are held together with a clever and easy to use magnetic locking system. The Magnets aren’t so loose that they’ll slide apart, and they aren’t so stiff that it’s difficult to pull them apart, Dr. Dabber have found the perfect balance

Don’t worry about the magnets messing with your draw, the one component of this vape not secured with a magnet is the mouthpiece, which is secured with a rubber O ring, so there is a perfect air seal. The use of magnets extends to the charger, which uses them to hold the battery in place. All these magnets also serve to make cleaning this vape pen a breeze, all you have to do is wipe down the flat surfaces; there’s no threads for gunk to build up in.

Another great feature of the magnetic locks is that you can quickly pull open and view the atomizer without having to mess around with any screws.

Dr. Dabber have bundled this pen with 3 separate atomizers. One of each of the most popular forms; Dual ceramic rods, dual quartz rods, and ceramic disc.

All of the included chambers come lined in quartz, and are all the same size, so you don’t have to worry about trading off the heating system of your choice for the capacity you want. The dual quartz rod atomizer is the first of the three atomizers. It features two quartz rods wrapped in a titanium wire.

The second is the dual ceramic rod atomizer, which is a nice inbetween when it comes to the differences between the three main atomizer styles.

Finally there is the ceramic disc, which is entirely free of cails and rods. Your concentrate never touches the wire in this atomizer so it is vaporized purely by the disc and the quartz. This leads to a thicker more tasty vapor when used with the right temperature setting.

Each atomizer has two small holes that allow air flow, this means you get a decent draw resistance but not so much that it feels difficult to take a hit. For increased air flow there’s another air hole just before the mouthpiece. When it comes to the taste of your hits Dr. Dabber have a slogan, “Less Heat, More flavour”. You’ll notice that the Aurora vaporizes your concentrates at lower temperatures, resulting in a smoother, tastier flavor. This is ideal for users of high quality concentrate that has a better quality taste.

This focus on taste has a mild trade off in the draw department. This unit is intended to be used with long, slow draws as opposed to quick hits. You’ll find the best results with several seconds of a draw that will net you a good cloud. This is down to the slower heating that the Aurora provides, but that’s also what creates the great taste.

The battery in this vape has three separate voltage levels that allow you to adjust your heat. This is great as each setting appears to synergise well with each of the three atomizers. The heating temperatures aren’t wildly different so don’t worry too much about adjusting them at a whim and messing up your vape experience.

The dual quartz coil is one of the more unique atomizers bundled in with the Aurora, to use it effectively you should be sure to use it with a medium heat setting (the blue light) and use a specific draw. This can be a bit counter intuitive to those who have gotten used to using the other atomizers. Long, fast draws are the ideal way to enjoy this vape, pulling in the air very quickly yields strong, tasty hits.

The ceramic halo atomizer is somewhat more straight forward despite being one of the more unusual atomizers on the market. You simply load it up with your concentrate ( for best results we recommend that you load it about 50% so you can enjoy a thicker, more concentrated vapor). As with other atomizers we recommend that you try for a slower, longer pull to ensure that you draw a truly huge cloud.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer pen is a powerful, stylish, and unique portable vape that features an array of unique innovations including the magnetic locking system, the three atomizers, and fantastic taste. If you like to use concentrates then you can’t go wrong with the Aurora Vaporizer Pen from Dr Dabber.

Aurora Vaporizer Pen Pros and Cons


  • The magnetic locking design makes it easy and secure to assemble
  • The three atomizers allow for a variety of vape experiences
  • The sleek discreet design makes it easy to carry and use
  • Fantastic taste
  • Five click safety features keeps your concentrate, battery, and pocket safe.


  • Low temperatures
  • Long draws required to get the most out of your vape
Additional Information

Aurora Vaporizer Pen | Dr. Dabber