Are Bongs Healthier Than Dry Pipes?

Two of the most iconic pieces of hardware on the UK herb scene are bongs and dry pipes.

Both have been inextricably woven into the fabric of the scene and their prevalence in pop culture means that even those who don’t partake are familiar with them.

Both type of pipe allow you to enjoy your herb in slightly different ways, and which you go with is totally down to a personal preference.

However, some voices in the UK bong scene like to claim that bongs are the healthier alternative to pipes, that their water reservoirs filter out all manner of nastiness.

Is there any truth to these claims, are bongs truly healthier than dry pipes? Let’s investigate.

What’s Released When You Smoke Herb?

Despite its many benefits herb smoke contains a range of harmful chemicals similar to tobacco smoke.

These chemicals range from bronchial irritants to carcinogens. Inhaled smoke is going to come into contact with your respiratory system so there is going to be a level of damage no matter what.

THC does have anti-carcinogenic effects so smoking herb isn’t as harmful as smoking tobacco.

Long-term herb use is associated with increased risk of some respiratory problems, including an increase in coughing and wheezing, but when compared to tobacco or alcohol that’s nothing.

What’s Filtered Out?

It is thought that when the herb smoke passes through the water in a bong that some of the carcinogens and ash are filtered out.

While the water can trap ash it can’t filter out any of the carcinogens or other toxins.

The only real benefit that bongs have over a pipe is that the cooled smoke causes less irritation to your mucus membranes from burning.

Other than that, unfortunately, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of health benefits when you compare water bongs and dry pipes.

Bong Vs. Pipes

Seeing as bongs and pipes have more or less identical effects on your health, which is better for you?

It really comes down to personal preference and what you hope to get from your herb smoking experience.

If you prefer a cooler, smoother hit that goes down easy then a bong is for you. The water may not filter much out but it does help you cool down the smoke massively.

If you want to make your hits as healthy as possible the it’s a good idea to consider using warm water rather than cold.

Warm water won’t cool the smoke as much, but it will catch and dissolve some more of the tar and other contaminants in the smoke.

Pipes are much quicker to pack and light and are much easier to clean than bongs.

They’re also among the most efficient ways to enjoy herb, leading to the lowest levels of wastage.

The most that can be said for pipes is that when compared to joints or blunts they at least mitigate any burning paper entering your lungs.

As we said before the choice is purely down to personal preference. We generally recommend a bong for the smooth, cool hits, though!

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If Your Health Is Paramount, Vape!

If health is your main concern when choosing a way to enjoy your herb then you’d be best going with a vaporizer.

Vaporizers completely eliminate any harmful smoke entering your lungs by taking advantage of the boiling points of the various active ingredients in herb.

A good vaporizer will never subject your lungs to any harsh acrid smoke and has the added benefit of preventing the release of any lingering smoke.

So not only will your lungs be smoke free, but your house will be, too! Many people seeking the medicinal effects of herb often resort to Vaporizers are the last word in healthy herb consumption, so if health comes before all else, check out a vape.

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