The Top 3 Lights For Growing Your Herb In Doors

The sun is pretty good. It heats the earth, creates the water cycle, and powers pocket calculators that no one uses any more.

Unfortunately, it does have some downsides, it can burn your skin, damage your eyes, and it’s a purely outdoors only spectacle. This means that it can be difficult to cultivate plants indoors, forcing you into the harsh, unforgiving outside.

Well, thanks to the modern advent of lightbulbs, you can have a tiny, indoor simulacrum of a sun in your very home!

Growing herb indoors isn’t anything new. For decades, however, many indoor grow set ups have been improvised from UV bulbs. Now, thanks to the wave of acceptance that is currently sweeping the western world, there are more and more supports for indoor cultivation.

Your herb needs light to grow, so it makes sense to purchase a lighting solution that is bespoke made for it. It’s not a huge leap in logic to assume that the average amateur herbalist isn’t much of a lighting technician, there’s no shame in this. So, we have decided to showcase three fantastic, high quality lighting solutions that will ensure that your herb will get all the nourishing light it needs.

Hydro Garden

Hydro Garden are the pre-eminent hydroponic cultivation supplier. They bring what was once the purview of professional growers to the home hardener. All of their systems are simple and intended for amateur growers. You won’t need to be an agricultural engineer to operate them. Their lighting solutions are ideal for any amateur grower who wants to build a hydroponic set up in their own home.The HydroGarden Grow tent bundle is the ultimate starters kit for those who want to delve into the growing industry.

The Gravita Classic 100 Elite G1 Bundle

This is a serious piece of kit. This bundle features a tent light house that ensures that your lighting will be perfectly uniform, nourishing every leaf equally for beautiful results. The reflective walls of the light tent work incredibly with the high-quality daylight bulb. The tent stands over two meters tall, so this kit is intended for those with a bit more space.

The MIGRO 600 Grow Light

This kit is more for growers who want to add to a pre-existing step up. The MIGRO has several light sources which results in a more even coverage and a much better light distribution. The kit also comes with rope ratchets that will make installation a breeze.

The MIGRO 200 Grow Light

This fantastic lighting system is the smaller brother to the MIGRO 600. Essentially just a smaller version of the 600, the MIGRO 200 Grow Light is a high performance grow light that concentrates the light down the middle. This MIGRO 200 is best in it's class in terms of efficiency - producing a whopping 50% less heat than other similar grow lights.