10 Quick Tips About Home made Bong

There are loads of ways to make good quality Homemade Bongs that can provide you with a lifetime of herbal nirvana.

If you look around the internet you'll find tonnes of people dispensing copious amounts of advice on how to DIY your own bong.

Whilst some of these home-made bongs are better than others some can surprise you with their overall level of efficiency.

Below, I’ll you’ll see a list of the essential things that you’ll need when making your own bong.


10 Quick Tips About Home made Bong

Get your hands on decent sized block of ice, drill a two inch hole down the middle of it. At the side of the block you should then drill a smaller hole until it means the main hole in the centre.

Once you have this done you should be ready for your hit. I've found that the ice works to give a clean and crisp smoke- that surprises with its level of efficiency.

Just don't leave your block of ice out overnight because in the morning when you get up all you'll find will be a puddle of water on the floor.


If you're really stuck you can utilize an Apple and make it into a bong. What you need to do is remove the stem and then poke a medium sized hole through the apple, but not all of the way to the bottom.

Then get a pen and poke another hole in sideways into the apple until you reach the main channel. When you pull out the pen it likely will be full of apple- clear this out and then reinsert the pen and you'll have a home made apple bong.


All you have to do for this bong is get a plastic bottle put a small hole in the side of it, put your pen inside, and you'll nearly be ready for some smoke.

Take off the cap at the top of the bong, make a few small holes in it and off smoking you'll go.

Whilst this method might not be the classiest it certainly is one that can get the job done in an emergency.


There are loads of materials out there that you can use, but some are better off being avoided altogether.

For example, you should never use aluminium as this material will oxidise and will result in nasty carcinogenics entering into your lungs.

Another reason why you should avoid aluminium is because it just doesn't taste right, its nasty, and it will impact negatively upon the enjoyment of your smoke.


When it comes to homemade bongs pens are one of the wonders of the western world.

These simple yet ingenious devices have given so many people so many happy times.

All you have to do is put a little hole into whatever device you have and then your pen will do the rest. Where would people be without the mighty the pen?


Chewing gum is another very handy piece of equipment when making a home-made bong. What the gum acts to do is that it secures your home-made bong and keeps it in place.

All of them holes on your bong will need to be secured and this is where your gum will come in virtually acting like glue as it gels everything together.


There are a whole host of ways in which you can avail of the benefits of home-made bongs.

You certainly won't have to pay a fortune for some elite level bong so that you can enjoy your herbs- you’ll be able to utilize common everyday things at your finger tips.