Puffco Proxy

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The Puffco Proxy is one of the most unique concentrate vaporizers you can buy in the UK. This is due to both its attention-grabbing appearance and its modular design. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Proxy is that it looks like a pipe. Why a pipe, you ask? Because pipes are cool! Who doesn’t want to feel like the legendary UK detective Sherlock Holmes while enjoying their favourite concentrate?

At its core, the Puffco Proxy functions much like a standard dab pen with a few added features. It has an atomizer, dubbed the “3D Chamber”, which heats your preferred material to a set temperature range. The vapour produced is then inhaled through your preferred body piece.

How It Works

The Puffco Proxy’s main component is the base. The base includes the battery, atomizer, USB-C charge port, cap, and indicator lights. Think of it as the engine that powers the entire vape. This is the part you can swap into different bodies for an instant change in look, function, or both.

The 3D Chamber is where the magic happens. It has a coil that wraps around the inside wall of the chamber to ensure even heating. This allows for maximum flavour and full-bodied clouds. 

The 3D Chamber also helps preserve your material. It uses the airflow from inhalation to force the melted concentrate to the side walls where the heating coils are located. When you stop inhaling, the material settles in the bottom away from the heat. 

Puffco Proxy Features

Modular Design

The Puffco Proxy is all about style and customisation. The sheer number of choices in regard to both visual and functional components makes this vaporizer stand out from the crowd.

A vast selection of body types, heating chambers, caps, add-ons, accessories, and colours give you complete control to create the perfect vape for your style. 

Customisation Options

The Puffco Proxy is special because you can inject so much of your own personality into it. Just take a look at everything you can do to customise this one-of-a-kind concentrate vape.

  • Base: As the one piece that remains constant in every build of the Puffco Proxy, the base’s customisation options are limited. You can, however, choose from three colours. The black looks sleek and modern, while the desert colour brings an old-school charm with its beige-like shade. The purple bloom adds a little flair.
  • Standard Pipe: The standard glass pipe body has a medium-length stem and perfectly balances size and sophistication. Just like the base, the standard body is available in black, desert, and bloom colours.
  • Wizard Pipe: The glass wizard body includes a long stem and is sure to grab the attention of curious eyes. If you happen to have a long beard, you could easily be mistaken for Gandolf with this magical piece. It is available in black and desert colours.
  • Travel Pipe: Most of the bodies are glass, which makes them ideal for flavour but not for travel. The travel pipe is made of silicone, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your pocket or tossing it in your bag. It has a built-in storage compartment that perfectly fits a few cotton swabs for convenient cleaning on the go. Available in black, desert, purple, and green colours.
  • Bub: The bub is a water-bubbler body that provides cooler, smoother hits from your Puffco Proxy in a compact package. Available in black, desert, and bloom colours.
  • Droplet: If the bub doesn’t pack enough punch for you, try the droplet. Utilising percolated water filtration, the droplet offers the coolest, smoothest vapour you can get out of the proxy and maybe anywhere.
  • Carb Cap: The carb cap comes standard on the Puffco Proxy. It’s designed to circulate the airflow inside of the chamber automatically to increase vapour production. Available in black and desert colours.
  • Ball Cap: The ball cap gives you more control over the airflow inside of the chamber, so you always get the hit you want. Simply rotate the thumbpiece to direct the flow. Available in black and desert colours.
  • Joystick Cap: The joystick cap works much the same as the ball cap but with a thumbpiece that looks and feels like a joystick. It also works great as a fidget device. Available in 
  • Travel Pack: The travel pack is designed to make your standard pipe body travel-safe. It includes a silicone base that protects the body of your Proxy, a ball cap, a storage compartment, and a silicone mouthpiece. Available in black, desert, and bloom colours.
  • Flower Bowl: Showcasing the versatility of the Puffco Proxy, the flower bowl actually lets you use it as a real pipe. The flower bowl does not include a heat source. You load the bowl with herb, light it, and smoke it. It’s a nice option to have if you get a craving for a smokey hit.

Passthrough Charging

You don’t realise how great passthrough charging is until you don’t have it. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that with the Puffco Proxy. If you're unsure of what passthrough charging is, it means you can use your vaporizer while it’s plugged in and charging.

It can take 90 minutes for the Puffco Proxy to charge. That’s not bad by any means, but the wait can be agonising if you can’t use your device.

Easy to Use

The Puffco Proxy only has one button. All of the controls are operated by holding the button or pressing it a specific number of times. To turn it on, you need to hold the button for three seconds.

There are four pre-programmed temperatures you can use for heating your vape. There’s actually a secret fifth setting we’ll tell you about in a moment. 

Use a single button press to toggle between the four main temperatures. A light will indicate which temperature is currently selected. The pre-programmed temperatures are:

  • Blue - 263°C
  • Green - 271°C
  • Red - 285°C
  • White - 296°C

When you have the desired setting selected, double-tap the button to begin heating. The Lower temperatures are better for flavour but produce less vapour. The higher settings sacrifice flavour to achieve higher vapour production.

The Puffco Proxy will stay in heating mode for 45 seconds before cooling down. If you want a little extra heat and time, press the button twice to activate boost mode. This bumps up the heat and gives you ten extra seconds on the timer.

To activate the secret temperature we mentioned earlier, the first step is to select the highest (white) setting. Once you have it set, press the button five times. This will allow your Proxy to reach temperatures of an insane 332°C for powerful hits and massive clouds.

Additional Information

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