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Since their founding in 2013 the main goal of Puffco has been to create the most intuitive, discrete and intelligent vaping experience for the concentrate fan. This goal motivates them to raise the bar every day. Their high quality premium product line gained a massive level of critical acclaim and a whole host of prestigious awards and recognition; setting a new standard for the entire industry. The release of their flagship Puffco Plus line in 2016 was yet another benchmark for the concentrate vaporizer pen scene in the UK vaporizer scene. All of Puffco’s products are engineered in Brooklyn, New York, by a crack in-house design team. Puffco have made it their mission to satisfy the needs and expectations of vaporizer connoisseurs and beginners alike.


The Puffco Pro 2 is a fantastic concentrate vape. It’s subtle, easy to use and build with the highest quality materials. It will allow you to enjoy solid concentrate in the most user friendly and portable manner possible! To ensure that your vape pen won't fall victim to the trials and tribulations of daily use Puffco also ensure that they provide a line of replacement parts, particularly heating coils!

Puffco produce a line of concentrate vaporizers that allow you to enjoy concentrates without a dabbing rig. They differ from dry herb vaporizers mainly in their heating systems. Traditional dry herb vaporizers use heating elements that use conduction or convection to vaporize the active ingredients present in herb. A concentrate vaporizer uses a heating coil similar to an e-cig, except many times more powerful. The coil instantly vaporizes the concentrate, allowing you to enjoy it without any of the toxins and tars released with combustion. Vaporizing concentrate in such a clean way also prevents  wastage as none of your concentrate has the opportunity to ‘burn off’.


Concentrates are several times stronger than dry herb. A smaller amount of concentrate can contain far more THC than the equivalent amount of dry herb. Concentrate is created through a process of concentration that uses solvents like butane to force the active ingredients out of dry herb. After the butane has forced the concentrate out it is then removed from the solution by a vacuum oven. At this point the purity of the concentrate is established and the concentrate forms into one of three materials: Oil, Wax, or Shatter.


Oil, or BHO is a runny viscous substance and the least pure of all the concentrates. After oil there is wax, a more solid and sticky form of concentrate that is sometimes called honey. The final and most concentrated version of concentrate is called shatter, an amber candy like material which is brittle and easily cracks and breaks; hence the name.


Concentrates can be made in amature set ups but this is highly advised against for amateurs. The butane used in the concentration process is completely non-toxic but it is highly flammable. Misusing it can result in a dangerous explosion!


Concentrates are becoming increasingly popular among medicinal herb users. It has the potency and active effects of several joints but kicks in much faster and doesn’t subject a user’s lungs to nasty, acrid smoke in the same way joints do.


For a broader collection of concentrate vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and other smoking equipment check out our UK web store!

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