G-Stone 1-Pack

G-Stone 1-Pack

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  • Perfect dab flavor
  • No hassle dabs
  • Turns your Genius Pipe into a mobile dabber
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G-Stone 1-Pack

A single concentrate insert for the Genius Pipe that will let you enjoy oil concentrates in your dry herb pipe.

A Dab Experience From Your Dry Herb Pipe

These porous, inert stones act like a sponge, soaking up your concentrates. When they do this you can insert them into your genius pipe; this will allow you to heat it with your lighter; vaporizing the concentrate and offering you a potent dab hit.No torches, no hot nails, no water to filter out flavor, just clever cooling technology using simple surface area to ensure a perfect experience every time you light up your favorite dab.

Versatility And Cooling

The Genius Pipe cleverly cools hits with mini air vortices created by a grid of studs in its aluminium air path. The G-Stone will allow you to enjoy this innovative cooling system with dabbing concentrates.


This pack contains a single G-Stone concentrate insert.

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