Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

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The Dr Dabber Boost Evo combines portability and performance into a single breathtaking package. Dr Dabber is known for its innovative concentrate vaporizers, which include everything from ultra-portable dab pens to full-sized electronic dab rigs.

The original Boost was the world’s first portable electronic dab rig and has received many improvements over the past decade. The Boost Evo is revolutionary in its versatility and user-friendly design. Its customization options are unrivalled, especially when combined with the whip attachment.

Dr Dabber Boost Evo Features

Powerful and Portable

The Dr Dabber Boost Evo is the largest portable vaporizer in the Dr Dabber product lineup. Its size means it’s capable of producing desktop power on the go. It heats up in a blazing fast 11 seconds, and a full battery lasts up to 60 heating cycles.

The Boost Evo's battery can go from drained to fully charged in just 90 minutes. It even offers passthrough charging, so you can use your vape while it’s plugged in instead of waiting around.

Convenient Four-Piece Design

The Dr Dabber Boost Evo was created with the user in mind. Its four-piece configuration provides easy access to all of the components. This makes it a breeze to clean and swap parts and attachments. The four pieces of the Dr Dabber Boos Evo are:

  • The Base: The base is the largest piece of the Boost Evo. It houses the battery and all of the electrical components. It’s shaped like an hourglass for maximum comfort and includes textured rubber pads for a secure grip. The control button, charge port, and multiple functional and decorative LEDs can be found on the outside of the base. 
  • Magnetic Quartz Atomiser: This is where the magic happens. The high-quality quartz atomiser heats up quickly and provides full, flavourful hits. Quartz was chosen because it’s durable and easy to clean. Since it’s magnetic, it can be effortlessly removed and reattached to the base.
  • Quick Connect Adapter: The bottom of the adapter magnetically attaches to the base, allowing quick and easy access to the atomizer. The top of the adapter is where the glass attachment connects. The platinum-cured silicone gasket lining maintains a secure and airtight seal with the glass attachment.
  • Glass Attachment: The glass attachment includes the mouthpiece, water reservoir, and other features, depending on which attachment you’re using. It fits snugly in the quick connect adapter thanks to the silicone lining.

Multiple Glass Attachments

The Dr Dabber Boost Evo is incredibly versatile with its wide range of glass attachments. The quick connect adapter provides fast and easy swapping of attachments for a customisable experience. The Boost Evo is compatible with several attachments split into two main categories: Standard and TDE.

Standard glass attachments are compact and portable. They completely cover the atomiser, meaning they only work when cold-loading your concentrate. The standard attachments were designed for a convenient and hassle-free experience. The standard glass attachments include:

  • Basic Attachment: This is the glass attachment you’ll receive in the box. Its large, trumpet-style mouthpiece and basic design make it the perfect option for those who just want to load and go.
  • Hive Ball Attachment: This head-turning attachment features dual percolators for ultra-smooth hits. The vapour travels through a puck-style percolator before entering a swiss ball percolator. The increased draw resistance is best used with slow, steady pulls.
  • Hemisphere Attachment: This dome-shaped glass piece is the smallest of attachments, making it ultra-compact. Airflow is unrestricted, so you’re free to use maximum lung power for draws. The airpath is unobstructed to prevent clogging.
  • Egg Attachment: The ergonomic mouthpiece provides increased comfort while using your Dr Dabber Boost Evo. It offers increased percolation over the basic attachment and boasts an anti-leak design.

TDE glass attachments provide a more “Traditional Dab Experience” for your Dr Dabber Boost Evo. They unlock the device's full potential and are much larger than the standard attachments. Each TDE glass attachment includes a carb cap and allows unobstructed access to the atomiser, so they are hot-loading compatible. The TDE glass attachments include:

  • TDE Sidewinder: The Sidewinder is a very intricate glass piece featuring a large water reservoir and a puck-style percolator. The increased draw resistance offers thick, flavourful hits with less lung power.
  • TDE Ball Rig: The Ball Rig offers performance similar to the Sidewinder but in a slightly smaller package. The large reservoir and puck-style percolator provide smooth hits and high draw resistance.
  • TDE J-Perc Attachment: This attachment offers a high level of filtration and is easy to clean. Its hits are flavourful, and the vapour is milky and dense.
  • TDE Whip Attachment: The whip attachment opens a world of possibilities. It lets you attach your Dr Dabber Boost Evo to virtually any bong or water pipe with a 10mm or 14mm socket. Breathe new life into an old glass piece in ways you never imagined.

Six Preset Temperature Settings

The six preset temperatures are simple to use and provide a wide range of options to achieve your perfect hit. Lower temperatures are best for enjoying full flavour, while higher temperatures produce thicker vapour and hit harder. The LED light colour on the control button indicates the set temperature. The preset temperatures are:

  • Purple: 260°C
  • Dark Blue: 288°C
  • Light Blue: 315°C
  • Green: 343°C
  • Orange: 371°C
  • White: 399°C

Multiple Lighting Patterns

The Dr Dabber Boost Evo comes equipped with beautiful LED lights around the hand grips and bottom of the base. The LEDs are put to good use with a variety of lighting patterns for you to enjoy. There are two main lighting modes: Glow mode and stealth mode.

  • Glow Mode: Press the button four times to activate glow mode. Glow mode features five decorative light patterns. Press the button two times to cycle between the available patterns.
  • Stealth Mode: Stealth mode is great when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. With glow mode turned off, press the button twice to activate stealth mode. This will turn off all of the decorative LEDs and dim the control button and battery indicator lights.

Included in the Box

  • 1x Boost Evo Vaporizer
  • 1x Quartz Atomizer
  • 1x Quick Connect Adapter
  • 1x Replacement Glass Attachment
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x USB-C Charge Cable
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