Higher Standards heavy duty dab rig


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Higher Standards heavy duty dab rig

This beautifully clean design comes from Higher Standards, USA. This heavy duty rig has been handcrafted from medical grade borosilicate glass to meet the higher standards of connoisseurs. 

The thick circular base and 45° angled neck allow the user to comfortably use this from a tabletop, leaving your hands free to heat, dab and stir. The rig comes with a quartz male banger included which fits perfectly into the upright downstem providing an airtight airflow. 

The vapor is then diffused into the body of the rig in a pleasing flow of cooled bubbles. This diffusing not only makes it smoother and more comfortable on your lungs, but also enables you to create some supreme looking clouds. All parts of the rig are easily accessible so you'll be able to keep it looking just as fresh as when it arrives. 

To keep it looking it's best it's recommended to use Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox, alongside their other well presented maintenance products. 

Each rig comes presented in a stylish case which used for safe storage and transportation. This is an ideal gift for anyone who only looks for the very best in taste and design.