RosinBomb M50 Super EU Plug

Vendor: RosinBomb

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NOT available for next day delivery. Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery due to size**

The RosinBomb Super Rosin press is finally in the UK!

Why did we bring the Rosinbomb to the UK?

Concentrates are rapidly becoming a big thing in the UK dabbing scene these days. More and more people on this side of the pond are looking to enhance their experience across the board. With concentrates, and particularly rosin, you will see improvements in terms of purity, effect, flavor and even greater health benefits. As a result it is easy to see why concentrates are quickly becoming THE most sought after way to use your herbs.

For the last few years, production of concentrates in the UK has always involved using solvents, with chemicals like Butane, DiMethyl Ether and Isopropyl Alcohol being the methods of choice for extracting the essential oils from any herbal material. The problem most people come across is that most of these solvents are explosive and certainly all of them are dangerous when not handled correctly. That means that for most people wanting to make concentrates themselves at home, there is a huge amount of associated risk and a crazy amount of safety procedures that you need to stick to in order to make sure you don't blow your house up. Not only this, but the constant expense of your solvents can quickly add up. It is not uncommon for people to be spending a hundreds of pounds a month on butane or isopropyl alcohol if they are making a reasonable amount of concentrate. Then you take into account the fact that you need to use a vacuum oven to remove all those nasty solvents from the extracted product, which is another time consuming process, and suddenly you will see why, for many in the UK who want to use concentrates, the hassle of making concentrates outweighed the benefits.

Well now EveryoneDoesIt has the answer that brings simplicity, convenience and speed in one amazing package that will work perfectly every time with absolutely no running costs! The RosinBomb Super UK version has finally landed and it allows even complete amateurs to press rosin from the comfort of your own home with absolutely no effort.

Purity and Simplicity with the Rosinbomb UK version

The rosin pressing process itself involves applying a little bit of heat (just enough to melt the resin) and a HUGE amount of pressure to your buds or hash in order to liquefy the resin and then squeeze it out of the waste material and onto your parchment paper. The yields are phenomenal with up to and over 20% achievable from high grade starting flower and anything up to 90% and higher with fine grade hash.

This desktop powerhouse is really an absolute monster in disguise. At only 16 inches tall it is no larger than an average sized coffee machine and, although it is pretty hefty at just under 16kg, it is small enough to fit in a large backpack if you want to go mobile, which is great as not everyone wants it just sat out on the side all the time taking up valuable space. With this, you can just tuck it away in a cupboard and forget about it until next time you need it. All that said, it can still generate in excess of 5500lbs of force which translates, when using their 4.5 inch x 2.5 inch mesh pouches, to over 490psi of pressure exerted on your material. 

Why not buy a cheap manual rosin press in the UK?

Quite simply, it's all about the quality of the final product. Pressure is one of the things that makes the RosinBomb UK version so much more effective than all these cheap manual press methods which involve a process similar to hair straighteners where you can barely exert but a small fraction of the kinds of pressures that are needed. As a result of the lack of pressure in a manual press you require more heat but the more heat you apply, the lower the quality of the final product. The lack of pressure also results in lower yields as more material is left in the plant due to lack of force being applied to squeeze it all out.
Each plate is precisely heated to get the resin into a liquid state, ready to be squeezed out, and you can fine tune the temperature settings via the controls on the press itself.

The RosinBomb Super is capable of processing up to half an ounce (14 grams) of material at once without any loss of efficiency so you don't even have to worry about big batches taking a long time. Once you are used to using it the RosinBomb presses product at an very impressive rate. Please note: you can fit more than 14 grams in between the plates but this will reduce overall pressure and thus the efficiency and therefore the yield. 

No noisy compressors or hydraulic pumps!

This thing is an absolute beast but the RosinBomb Super UK version somehow manages to perform all it's magic whilst remaining almost completely noiseless. Not only that, but it will also only draw 3.5amps of power at peak force, so you don't even have any big electricity bills to worry about. It's a complete system in one box, no extra hydraulic pumps or air compressors needed, just open the box, place it on the side, turn it on and less than 30 minutes later it is all heated up and ready to go. You'll be enjoying freshly pressed dabs in no time at all with some of the purest flavor and strongest effect you'll ever have experienced. 

Join the Rosin Press UK Revolution!

This is, without a shadow of doubt, by far the baddest Rosin press on the market today and you will be praising the results in no time at all. No stress, no risk, not even any actual real effort. Just quick and simple pressing of pure, tasty dabs time after time after time. Pre-order yours now! 

Peace of Mind!

There is no worry when it comes to buying a rosin press here in the UK, the RosinBomb Super UK version has a 1 year warranty on all electrical parts and a 5 year warranty on structural material and hard parts.

Please note: This product comes with an EU plug