Maple Orbiter

Vendor: Magic Flight

Title: Maple Orbiter | Magic Flight

Maple Orbiter | Magic Flight

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Maple Orbiter - Magic Flight

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) is one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market, and with good reason:

The Launch Box is compact, affordable, stylish and it produces pure, clean vapour, so you really get to taste all the goodness and active ingredients from your herbs.

Now Magic Flight have released a range of optional extras to help you get the most from your Launch Box:

The Magic Flight Launch Box Maple Orbiter is a glass bubbler or waterpipe that is purpose made for use with the MFLB.  The Orbiter features a showerhead diffuser downstem which breaks up vapour into finer particles, cooling and smoothing the hit.  The Orbiter kit comes complete with a connecting whip for your MFLB and a mouthpiece whip.

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Maple Orbiter | Magic Flight