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Hailing from San Diego, California, Magic-Flight have built up a lot of adoration and praise for their award-winning vaporizers. The company follows a strong ethos that looks to effectively listen to their customers and provide beneficial goods in socially and ecologically sustainable ways.

If you want to buy a vaporizers such as Magic Flight Launch Box , Launch Box Battery Storage Case, Launch Box Glass Draw Stem  that is full of good vibes from the minute it’s made. Magic Flight Vapes aka a MFLB is for you.

Their selection of vaporizers are certainly unique, incorporation timber and other natural materials into its design. This works with their eco friendly image and philosophy. They also seek to give herb aficionados the opportunity to enjoy their herb in a more healthy way. Vaporizers offer a more healthy alternative to combustion as they allow users to take advantage of the boiling temperatures of the active ingredients in their herb. Vaporizers also are more efficient with their combustion-based alternatives.

Vaping is also perfect for people who only want to feel certain effects from their herb. Each ingredient in herb has a different boiling point which can be exploited to only get one effect. For example if you want to feel the high of THC without any drowsiness you can set your vaporizer up to do that by manipulating the temperature!

The name, ‘Magic Flight’ is certainly unusual but it’s chosen with good reason. It was originally drawn from a book of natural philosophy the founders were fond of. The book was called ‘The Foundations of an Applied Ontological Metaphysics” Bit of a mouthful to be sure. One of the ideas in this book can be boiled down to one simple idea being the catalyst for the next right step in the evolution of human relationships. Magic flight have built their entire design philosophy around this idea being true and have woven it into the fabric of their company.

It is the base of every single aspect of their operation. They cite that quote as the secret ingredient that sets them apart from other vaporizer companies. They measure their success and effectiveness by the joy and ease they bring into the lives of others. They claim that their success is due to their ongoing and consistent attempts to deepen their understanding of the concept contained within  ‘The Foundations of an Applied Ontological Metaphysics’ (they really should have chosen a more wieldy title).

This, combined with their deeper philosophical explorations have given them what they need to take the needs of their customers on board and to provide mutually beneficial good and services.

They view their vapes as a manifestation and icon of their love, enabling dozens of people to literally breathe easier every day. As such, The Launch Box is more a "publishing media" for the quote rather than the quote being something "added" to the Box. Which is greater: the idea OF the box, or the idea ON the Box? Either way, it works rather well!

Every single Magic Flight kits are crafted by skilled and local artisans hailing from San Diego, California. The Launch Box vaporizer is a green, eco-friendly product sourced from renewable and 100% natural materials. It is hand built in an eighty seven step production process using tried and tested techniques and specially designed tools. Every single kit, day after day, their highly skilled brilliant team of artisans, engineers, and scientists always ensure that there’s a high level of quality and precision engineering. Every one of their vaporizers comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that it won’t let you down!

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