Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer

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Vendor: Magic Flight

Title: Walnut


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Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporiser

Magic Flight shook up the whole vaping scene when they released their much-loved Launch Box vaporizer. Now they're back with the Muad-Dib; a specially designed concentrate vaporizer with the same iconic styling as the Launch Box.




100% Hardwood


1.5ft Whip

Heat Time

10 Seconds

Battery Type

Glyph Rechargeable

Chamber Type

Dabbing Trench

Hardwood Body

The most striking features of the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vape is its striking and attractive hardwood body. Augmenting the striking design of this are beautiful brass inlays and the optical lens-grad glass lid. The wooden body is sustainable and lightweight, so this is much more than just a pretty face!

If you want a unique and striking vape that will grab attention, then the Muad-Dib is for you!

Glyph Batteries

Powered by rechargeable 'Glyph' batteries, the Muad-Dib from Magic Flight reaches a vaporization temperature of 480°C in just three seconds; no more long heat-up times. No more jet lighters. Enjoy instant vaping pleasure right when you need it. The Glyph batteries carry enough power from a single charge to vaporize approximately 50 dabs - ideal for taking out and about on your travels.

Complete Kit

The Muad-Dib comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you need to begin vaporizing waxes, oils and honeys straight away. The kit also includes an inhalation whip or hose, allowing you to take much cooler hits from your Magic Flight vaporizer.

The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is available in your choice of either Maple or Walnut finish.

Easy To Use

To begin your vape session, simply slide back the Muad-Dib glass lens lid and pack a small amount of solid concentrate onto the vape’s trench. Close the lid and press a fully charged glyph battery into the  aperture on the box to activate the stainless steel heating rod. An orange indicator light under the lid will light to show you the conduction process is taking place and will be ready-to-use in 3 to 5 seconds. A unique vapor channel flow system delivers vapor directly to the user minimizing condensation. Draw slowly from the whip for best results.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer In Depth Review

Magic Flight have taken the vape industry by storm with thier innovative and beautiful design and striking hardwood vaporizers. The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer is their first foray into the world of concentrate vaporizers after their stunning debut with the dry herb vaporizer, the Magic Flight Launch box.

The Muad-Dib is designed to be used with wax and oil concentrates, it is built specifically for these types of concentrate, so any other types, like shatter, aren’t especially suited.fd

The body of the Muad-Dib is made from hardwood, tinted with ink. The lid is made from a glass lens that slides from side-to-side for easy access to the concentrate trench. The trench features a small stainless steel screen for you to drop your concentrate down into.

The Muad-Dib is powered by a unique AA NiMH ‘glyph’ batteries. These batteries are fully rechargeable and you get two bundled in the kit. The battery works in a unique way, only working when you push it into the battery aperture on the case. This means the the battery is only engaged when you draw, so its life is highly dependent on your draw strength.

When you’re using the Muad-Dib the first thing you do is carefully load a small amount of concentrate into the trench, if you have trouble engaging the liquid engage the battery for a second to heat it up and make it more maleable. Then close the lid and attach the whip, after this engage the battery; this will cause the chamber to rapidly heat up. You’ll actually want to draw quickly from this vape, as it works best in short, sharp burst

The Muad-Dib is the ideal vape for the concentrate fan who wants a more interesting and unique vaporizer in their collection.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer Pros and Cons


  • Striking and interesting design
  • Quick heat-up time
  • 1.5ft whip included


  • Difficult for beginners to get the hang of
Additional Information

Walnut, Black