Grizzly Originals Water Tool 18mm Plus 18mm Mouthpiece


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This Water Tool from Grizzly Originals is a must have accessory for anyone who enjoys their vapor cooled through water! Like using a water pipe but far more portable, this compact water tool allows you enjoy your hits being cooler and filtered without the bulk of a big, heavy water pipe. Thanks to the extended mouthpiece which also comes with this, you can be sure to have a great experience with your vaporizer. This water tool can be used with most vaporizers which will fit an 18mm adapter, or a 14mm adapter. Please note, adapter not included.

The water tool is made up from two main pieces, the water bubbler which cools and filters your vapor and then there is the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece allows the vapor to cool further as it travels through it, so by the time the vapor reaches your mouth, you will have a chilled, filtered, flavourful hit!

Enjoy your vaporizer in a whole new way with this water tool from Grizzly Originals!