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Grizzly Originals

Grizzly Originals are based in Canada and have made it their mission to bring your paradise when you vape. They have pulled out all the stops to find a way to create the best possible vape experience for their customers. They’re one of the most characterful vaporizer manufacturers out there, clearly their company is made up of the same people that make up the vape scene! Our web store is jampacked with hundreds of quality vapes, but  Grizzly stand apart, producing what may be the most versatile vaporizers on the market

Grizzly Guru

To ensure that they could provide the vape scene with the vaporizer they knew it deserved they when ahead and designed the Guru, a vaporizer unlike any other on the market. It is an excellent dry herb vape that produces impressive clouds and provides a fantastic flavour. It’s ceramic chamber and glass mouthpiece they’ve completely eliminated the risk of any nasty plastic tastes. The dilemma surrounding how fine you’re supposed to grind your herb has been solved too! The Grizzly doesn’t require any grinding, just fill the chamber and enjoy!

As waxes and concentrates have become increasingly popular in the vaporizer scene many people feel that they are being forced to buy additional vaporizer units to join in. However, the Guru solves this issue totally, saving you a lot of money in the process. It is compatible with dry herb, concentrates, and on top of all that e-cig juices too! Simply switch out the internal adaptor in your chamber to suit what you want to vape!


Grizzly are aware that a lot of people want to move away from cigarettes and instead vape their tobacco. So they’ve gone as far as to include a high quality, steel e-cig atomizer with the Guru! There’s literally nothing on the market you can’t vape with the Grizzly Guru!

The Guru is made for those who like to vape every day and for those who want to switch away from combustion, whether for health or convenience. It’s made for the user who wants versatility and reliability.

 Speaking of reliability, the Grizzly Guru will not let you down in that department. It is a sturdy piece made to endure the rigors of day to day use. On top of that you’ll find that the battery far exceeds expectations giving you a staggering three hours of uninterrupted use on a full charge.

Honey Dab Pen

The Honey Dab Pen brings real portability to your dabbing game. It’s a compact little device designed with the highest levels of discretion and refinement in mind. Using this vape couldn’t be easier, simply load up some concentrates and hit the fire button, you’ll be enjoying the effects in no time. The unit comes boxed with two coils to chose from a quartz dual coil and a ceramic donut coil. Each offers a unique experience that gives you the chance to switch it up when you want to.The Honey Dab Pen allows variable temperatures and has three different settings to choose from. Finally, it comes with a dabbing tool for handling your concentrate, so you’ll be well kitted out the moment you open the box.


To make sure that nothing comes between you and your concentrate enjoyment we stock a full range of spare and replacement parts for the Honey Dab Pen; everything from batteries and chargers to dab tools and spare heating elements.


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