Delux Festival Pack


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Delux Festival Pack

This Delux Festival Pack has everything you need to enjoy the festival experience a little more! Packed with stylish and super-tough goodies, you don't need to worry about bashing this around as it will be in just as good condition after you've waded through the crowds with it.

The pack contains a Beach Ball, a Poncho which is packed in a black ball keyring for added convenience, a Collapsible Water Bottle with keyring attached, a Silicone Water Pipe with Diffuser, Bowl and Lid. It also contains an Ashtray which is packed full of other handy features such as, a Dab Nail Holder, a Dab Tool Holder for both male and female tools, Cigarette Rests, Rolling Paper Slot, Lighter/Piece Multiport, Bowl Cleaner, E-Cigarette Holder and an Ash Reservior. The Delux Festival Pack also contains a small Silicone Pipe, 5 Silicone Smoking Tips, a Silicone Herb Container. Finished off with a stylish wristband and Grizzly Originals Sticker inside a neat black drawstring bag. 

This pack really does have everything you need and more to be festival ready this summer! Order now to avoid disappointment.