£25 Super Surprise bundle box

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The Smoke Surprise Bundle Box contains everything you need to maximise your enjoyment of those chilly cozy evenings, blankets, enjoying hot spiced drinks with friends, or even if you’re just tucking yourself in to watch reality TV on a cold night.

Genuinely one of the best value packages we have ever put together, this kit contains premium products from across our range and comes in two options, each of which offers exceptional value, and contain some of our site’s all time bestselling products.

Here at EveryoneDoesIt we know that some days are days to sit back, take tips and papers and craft something special from scratch and pass it round the fire pit and others are days to smash an obscenely large bowl alone, or with friends!

Whatever you’re up to, the point is that Smoke Surprise Bundle Box has got you covered. With smoking accessories for all occasions, meaning you’re prepared for any eventuality, you won't want for anything.

What's in the Smoke Surprise Bundle Box?

£25 Smoke Super Surprise Bundle


▪️ 5 Inch Glass Spoon Pipe

▪️ Smell Proof Bag

▪️ Bong/Pipe Cleaning Liquid

▪️ SX4 4-part Grinder 40mm

▪️ Raw Rolling Machine 110mm

▪️ Bulldog Coffee Shop Metal Ashtray

▪️ Raw Kingsize Rolling Papers Connoisseur Pack

▪️ Raw Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers

▪️ Raw Rolling Tips

▪️ Hornet Pre-rolled King Size Cones- Pack of 3

▪️ Hornet Kingsize Natural Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers and Tips

▪️ Hornet Natural Unbleached Hemp & Cotton Rolling Tips

▪️ Hornet Kingsize Clear Rolling Papers

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