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Rosin Presses & Grow Boxes

In this collection, you'll find our range of fully automated Grow Boxes from BC Northern Lights, as well as a number of advanced Rosin presses.

We know that smoking is becoming a holistic activity, and people want to be involved at every stage of the process, taking back control just like the third wave coffee and craft beer movements we've seen in recent years. 

Dedicated Horticulturalists welcome the challenges that come with hemp plants, and our Grow Boxes make these as easy to overcome at home as they've ever been thanks to automation and robotics technology.

The discerning smoker knows that there are more parts of the plant than the flower to access and enjoy, and Rosin presses enable you to get the maximum value from your plants/herbs. 

Infusions in cooking will now be a breeze thanks to your new Rosin press, and dinners at yours will be the envy of your social circle. 

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