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BC Northern Lights Nursery

The Nursery grow kit from BC Northern Lights/Urban Cultivator gives you all the components to allow you to grow the best crops in a self contained unit. The Nursery will give your plants optimal light and conditions, whilst keeping pests out. It's like a self containted garden which you have full control over. With grow boxes, you don't need to worry about the unpredictability of the weather. Light is so important when growing plants as it encourages photosynthesis, the process of absorbing light energy and converting it to chemical energy so with the Nursery, if its dark and gloomy outside, you can relax knowing your plants are getting all the light they need.
As well as the conditions for growing plants, another thing which can put people off the idea of growing their own is the odour which is produced by plants; the Nursery comes with odour elimination carbon filters to help mask unwanted smells.
Whether you want to grow from seeds or clones, the Nursery has been created to handle the early stages of growing from both of these. From starting with seeds up to the time that your plants are ready to be kicked into the flowering stage, they will require around 18 hours of light a day which the Nursery can take care of.

With the Nursery, you get all the tools you will need for it as well as a detailed manual to guide you through the whole setup process as well as a few tips and tricks to allow you to get the most from growing your plants.


Dimensions: Approx. 78" x 65" x 28"
Plug Type: EU

What's Included?

1 x Nursery Grow Box
4 x Rockwool Slabs
2 x Filter Mats
45 x Grow Blocs
16 x Fitted Bulbs
4 x Spare Bulbs
1 x Scissors
1 x Scalpel
1 x Allen Key
16 x Trays
1 x Calibration Solution
1 x Storage Solution
1 x Grow, 1 x Micro, 1 x Bloom (3-part formula)

 Please allow for longer delivery times due to the size of this product.