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EDIT Collection - Vaporizers, Dab Rigs, Water Pipes with Diffusers

Everyone Does It (EDIT) is the world’s single largest online headshop. They offer a massive selection of smoking products to the discerning adult smoker. They also have their own brand of high-quality glassware, bongs and dabbing rigs. They have unique products that you won’t find anywhere else like the Milkshake Dab Rig, a fantastic oil rig that resembles a fast food cup. It’s not all looks, its massive water reservoir promises a cool clean hit every time.

They also supply more traditional looking bong in the form of the Milky Spiral Perc bong, a stylish piece with a high quality percolator that will break up and cool your hit. This lets you enjoy your herb with ease and comfort.

Everyone Does It also stock a huge range of third party products includes glassware like Bongs, Pipes, and Rigs. They ensure that all of their glassware is held to the highest possible standards and will only stock 100% genuine products. Nearly all of the glass products they stock are made of high quality borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass is 100% non-reactive so it won't affect the taste of your hit, and it’s resistant to thermal shock so you needn’t worry about losing your bong mid session! as well as vaporizers and Rolling papers. The vaporizers and products that they supply are made from the leading most cutting edge technology available anywhere.

They have a selection of both portable and desktop vaporizers and a massive range of options. From convection vaporizers to conduction, dry herb to concentrate EDIT will ensure that you can get whatever you need.

Vaporizers are rapidly becoming the mainstay of EDIT, they have even gone as far as to develop their own, the Grizzly Guru. Vaporizers are the healthiest and most efficient way to enjoy herb, they use heating elements to exploit the boiling points of the active ingredients in herb, vaporising it, allowing you to enjoy it without the need for combustion.

It is their mission statement to promise to bring you the best products and at the very best prices that money can buy. At they pledge to analyse, test, and vet every product that we sell to ensure that every product meets their strictest highest quality control guidelines.

Once a product meets their elite level of expertise they promise to stock It and supply it to you wherever you are in the world.

Another promise that they  hold above all others is that you’ll receive the highest quality of customer service. Through their international websites, EDIT provides a high level of sales support in multiple languages, so no matter where you are we’ll strive to facilitate your needs.

All of the Everyone Does It staff are specially trained to the highest quality in customer service, product knowledge, and  pride themselves in providing the best level of customer satisfaction that you can find on any online headshop. They are rapidly becoming the largest and best known online headshop in the world, they dominate the market in dozens of countries, and as more and more countries legalise herb they are sure to be the first company in; supplying the needy citizens with the bongs, pipes, skins, and vaporizers they need to enjoy herb.

For the last word in affordable glassware, perfect for beginners or UK herb scene veterans check out EDITs selection of both own-brand and premium third-party bongs, oil rigs, and accessories on their online web store.

 But that’s not all – the creative team behind the EDIT Collection has also designed sub-brands, in order to meet all of our customers’ needs. Dabezee and Waxx are top-notch examples of how we strive to provide top-quality product for every kind of consumer.

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