Rosin X Mini Manual Rosin Extraction Press


Title: Manual


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Rosin X Mini UK

The Rosin X Mini manual rosin press is possibly the cheapest way to try rosin in your own home without a huge amount of hassle. This tiny little rosin press uses pressure provided by the user's own body weight along with heated plates to liquefy all the resin within your herbs and squeeze it out like a sponge. Making your own dabs has never been so simple.

Kit Includes:

1X Power Cord

1X User Manual

1X Transfer paper

Note: The power cord for this product comes with the manufacterers country plug (USA) so an adaptor will be required for other countries.

Why Rosin?

Rosin gives you all the benefits of dabbing without having to resort to solvents to extract the essential oils from your material which not only removes risk during the production process, but also gives a cleaner and healthier product as a result.

How does it work?

The first thing you have to do is plug your Rosin X into the nearest power outlet to get the plates warming up. While that is happening you start your preparation by taking a piece of parchment paper (otherwise known as grease-proof paper) and folding it in half. Then you tuck a little nug into the folded area and wrap the paper around both sides of the nug to catch all that lovely rosin. Once the plates have reached optimal temperature (105-110 celcius is a good place to start if you are new to the rosin process) you open the press and place you parchment paper with nug in the middle in between the two plates.

Close the press and then press down with all your might for around 7-10 seconds. Release the pressure, remove the parchment paper and open it up to marvel at your beautiful golden rosin ready to be scraped up and collected.


The Rosin X Mini achieves optimum efficiency with a load of around 0.2-0.5 grams of material, you can fit more in there, but this reduces applied pressure and therefore efficiency, resulting in a reduced yield. Stick to 0.5g and under and you'll be able to effectively remove up to 85% of the essential oils in your herbs each and every time. l

Safe And Clean Concentrate

By using a rosin press you spare yourself the trouble of dealing with solvents like butane. Dabbing concentrates are usually produced through a process of distillation that uses solvents to push the active ingredients out of dry herb. After this a vacuum oven is used to evaporate away the butane and produce your concentrate.

This is a convoluted process that requires a lot of expensive equipment. This and the fact that butane can be volatile to work with means that producing dabbing concentrates is off the table for the vast majority of people.

The rosin press doesn’t use chemicals or intricate equipment, only pressure and heat. This means that anyone can use it to produce their own pure and tasty concentrate!

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