XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

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The XMax V3 Pro is among the most respected dry herb vaporizers in the UK due to its performance and versatility. It’s a budget-friendly vape that punches well above its price range. It boasts several features that enhance both the user experience and device longevity.

With several accessories, colours, and features to choose from, you’re sure to find a configuration of the XMax V3 Pro that works for you.

XMax V3 Pro Advantages

Superior Convection Technology

The XMax V3 Pro is one of the smallest vaporizers ever designed with convection heating technology. Many vaporizers are built with conduction heating, meaning your herbs are heated directly through contact with hot metal. This causes uneven heating, requiring you to stir the contents of your bowl occasionally. It also produces lower-quality flavour and even risks combusting your greens.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with the XMax V3 Pro. Convection heating means your herbs are heated by hot air flowing through the bowl. The air reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring even heating throughout. The flavor-producing terpenes will be heated gently and boiled at the optimal temperature, providing a full, pure taste.

Exceptional Build Quality

The aluminium alloy body of the XMax V3 Pro gives this affordable device a high-end feel. It feels sturdy in the hand and is comfortable to hold due to its sleek design.

It boasts an isolated airpath, meaning the heated air never comes in contact with wires or any other internal components. Combine this with the ceramic insert in the mouthpiece, and you have a recipe for unmatched flavour.

The use of magnets on the XMax V3 Pro to attach the mouthpiece and battery cover is a welcome addition. The magnets are surprisingly powerful for being so small. They keep everything firmly locked in place, even when stored in your pocket while walking around town.

Tons of Accessories

One of the best things about this little vape is just how versatile it can be. The XMax V3 Pro can instantly transform into a variety of devices with a simple swap of the mouthpiece. Some of its best attachments include:

  • Mini Glass Bubbler: Bongs and water pipes are so popular because they cool the smoke and provide smoother hits, allowing you to take bigger draws. This attachment makes it easier than ever to enjoy that experience on the go.
  • Curved Mini Glass Bubbler: This attachment is much the same as the standard mini glass bubbler but with a curved mouthpiece, allowing for a more comfortable angle during use.
  • Glass Water Pipe Adapter: There might be times when you crave an authentic bong experience without breathing in harmful smoke. The glass water pipe adapter allows your XMax V3 Pro to attach to any bong or water pipe that uses a standard-size bowl. Simply turn on your vape and attach it to your piece. No burning required.
  • Dosing Capsules: These handy little metal capsules allow you to prepare several sessions’worth of herbs for quick reloading. The capsules fit snugly in the bowl of your V3 Pro and easily slide out when you’re done. Pop in another, and you’re good to go.
  • Wax Cup: The wax cup is convenient for vaping your favourite concentrates without making a mess inside your vaporizer. It works with virtually any type of concentrate you could want.

Even more accessories are available for the XMax V3 Pro—many mouthpieces of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Experimenting with different combinations is part of the fun.

Effortless Cleaning

The XMax V3 Pro is designed in such a way that makes cleaning it a breeze. The mouthpiece easily disassembles so you can remove debris from every crevice. The ceramic airway can be submerged in a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove any obstruction.

It comes with cotton swabs, a brush, and alcohol-soaked cotton pads. This is almost everything you’ll need to keep your vaping looking and performing as good as new.

The built-in scraping tool on the mouthpiece is one of the most simple but useful features this vape has to offer. When your bowl is ready to be emptied, just insert the tool, give it a twist, and shake out the used material. If it requires deeper cleaning, dip a cotton swap into rubbing alcohol and gently apply it to the inside of the bowl.

Dual Usage Modes

One of the XMax V3 Pro's most unique features is its two vaping modes. The two modes are session and on-demand: 

Session mode is what you most commonly see in dry herb vaporizers. Session vaping is when you turn on your vape, and it starts counting down for a set amount of time after it reaches its set temperature. When the time reaches zero, it turns off. The V3 Pro can be set to four-minute or six-minute sessions.

On-demand vaping is relatively uncommon in convection vapes, which is why the XMax V3 Pro stands out. This mode is for the more casual user who doesn’t want to hit it as much as possible in a few minutes. It’s perfect if you only want a few puffs. In on-demand mode, you hold the power button to begin heating and release it to stop. You can wait a full two minutes between hits before it shuts off to conserve battery.

Powerful Performance

If you want massive clouds, you usually need to pay up for one of the big boys. High-end vapes are known for being bulky and expensive. With the XMax V3 Pro, you get comparable performance at a fraction of the size and price.

The heat-up times are some of the fastest you’ll find. It only takes approximately 15 seconds to reach temperature on the lowest setting of 100°C and 25 seconds to reach the maximum temperature of 220°C.

USB-C charging means it will spend less time attached to the wall and more time in your hand. The swappable 18650 battery ensures your vape will never require any unexpected downtime. It will always be ready to go precisely when you need it.