WS-Line Waaaxman triple chamber bong

£79.95 £35.99 SAVE 55%
Vendor: Weed Star

Title: WS-Line


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Weed Star have always been known for their quality and have a good reputation for building awesome looking bongs and this Waaaxman bong is no different. It has a fixed vertical downstem which brings the smoke down into the bottom chamber where it is cleaned and cooled by the honeycomb percolator. Honeycombs offer a reasonable amount of restriction but amazing amounts of cooling and filtering thanks to the incredibly tiny holes in them. After that the bubbles climb through the drag squeeze to increase flavor as the temp comes down even further. The final touch is an ice pinch in the top section so you can add a couple of ice cubes if that is your preference. They include an 18.8mm Superbowl with female joint to match the male joint on the downstem.

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