WS-Line Fusion hour glass bong

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Vendor: Weed Star

Title: WS-Line


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This is one of the biggest and baddest dab rigs we have seen come out of the Weed Star labs in a long time! The WS-Line Fusion hour glass style bong uses two chambers and two percolators to give you ultimate cooling and filtration of your smoke giving a cool and flavorful cloud that will leave you feeling dreamy. The fixed vertical downstem is topped with an 18.8mm male joint and there is a slitted dome perc at it's base. Once the smoke gets here it is broken down into tiny bubbles with simple huge surface area which allows for maximum filtration and cooling in as short a time as possible. After this first run the smoke has to rise through what Weed Star call and 'Organ' style perc where it is given another round of cleaning and cooling before you finally get to inhale those sweet and tasty clouds. Standing at nearly half a metre tall it will take a massive amount of bravery to try and clear this beast when it is fully milked up, but if you can succeed the rewards are worthy! They include a quartz nail and vapor dome as they know that the best way to use this piece is as a massive dab rig that will knock you or any of your friends sideways if you truly try to take it on.

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