WS-Line Black Druid egg chamber bong with custom carry case

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Vendor: Weed Star

Title: WS-Line


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The Black Druid is one of the bongs that is so cool to look at that once you see it, you have to have it. Weed Star have certainly made sure that their rep for quality and craftsmanship is kept well and truly intact with this sick looking bong. The main body is a faberge egg style affair and they have used a single disc percolator attached to the bottom of the fixed dowstem to clean and filter your smoke on the way through. Standing at around 40cm tall it offers a big capacity so you can really take some massive hits with this thing while still managing to keep it cool and keep the flavor strong. With something this awesome you are going to want to show it off to your friends and share it with them. That is made nice and easy thanks to the custom carry case provided with this piece which is strong and sturdy so it will protect your bong and it even has a combination lock for an added level of security. The 14.4mm female joint fits beautifully with the 14.4mm male WSP standard bowl that is included with the bong.

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