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Weed Star Big Bang 4 Arm Diffuser

Weed Star Big Bang 4 Arm Diffuser

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The Weed Star Big Bang 4 Arm Diffuser is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Weed Star WS Series - Big Bang 4 Arm Shower Diffuser Stack

    4 showerhead diffusers with in  a large slit diffuser looks like it wouldn’t work, but it actually does, offering superb cooling on this stemless piece. The wider than average mouthpiece on this pipe certainly makes for big hits from a really smooth pipe. The bowl is a pinched base so no need for a gauze, and is a 14.5 mm joint size so will take any 14.5 bowls or Ti nails with the right adapters.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Weed Star
    height 271mm
    joint Female
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Bent, Flared
    percolator Multiple Percolators, Showerhead