VOLCANO Vaporizer Air Filter Cap


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Volcano Vaporizer Air Filter Cap

The Volcano Vaporizer units have a filter that you can remove and replace yourself. This set includes two filters so you have a spare handy. Regular replacement is important to ensure you have a clean and pure vaping experience.

Simplicity and Benefits

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and you should have no problem keeping your filter clean - ensuring a pure vaping experience. Unlike the air filters on the old models, these are simple enough that you can install and remove them yourself.

The benefits of the filter set include:

  • Easy to Remove and Replace

  • Filters Impurities

  • Affordable way to ensure the device emits clean vapour.

How It Works

Replacing the filter in the vaporizer base unit is relatively easy. First, with the unit turned off, flip it over. Turn the black knob (Air Filter Cap) to the left and then pull it out all the way. This gives you access to the compartment where the filter is housed. You should be able to see how the filter is installed. Remove the old filter and install the new one.



It is important that you eliminate the impurities from your vapour - Air Filters allows you to do just that.