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Volcano Solid Valve Set

The Volcano Solid Valve Set contains a spare valve system, mouthpiece, filling chamber, rubber rings and screen set. Compatible with Storz & Bickel balloons, this is ideal for Volcano fans who want to get more from their vape experiences!

You are always paying for quality with the Volcano Digit and Classic vaporizers, as any experienced Volcano user will testify, and this set gives you a chance to pick up an important replacement part at a much cheaper price than buying them all individually over time, if and when they are needed. An easy valve replacement set is also available

Volcano Solid Valve Set Features

For use with Storz & Bickel balloons

Built to last

Fully serviceable

Storz & Bickel

Perfect For Dry Herb

For Use With Storz & Bickel Balloons

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, and Volcano digit are some of the best desktop vaporizers on the market. They allow vape fans to enjoy the highest vape quality on the market, but due to their immobile nature you tend to be shackled to your desk. However the Volcano is compatible with Storz & Bickel Balloons; large, inflatable plastic bags that can be filled with thick and tasty vapor, detached, and enjoyed elsewhere.

This means that you can enjoy your vapor away from the rest of your Volcano vaporizer, opening up a whole new world of vaping experiences. The valve balloon can be filled with high quality vapor that can last a total of 8 hours before dissipating out of the bag depending on the balloon sizing. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the pure, tasty, and potent vapor from your Volcano where ever you want, then balloons are a must have.

Built To Last

Storz & Bickel are renown across the vape industry for the sheer build quality of their vaporizers. The quality of their accessories are just as good. The Solid Valve set is made of thick, sturdy plastic components that feature an incredible level of quality. You can be sure that this piece will ensure that this fantastic valve will last as long as the rest of your Volcano vape. You can be sure that your balloon vape experience won’t let you down.

Fully Serviceable

To ensure that this valve set will remain clean, usable, and effective Storz & Bickel have designed this kit to be easily disassembled and cleaned easily. This means that you can keep your valve in top condition, which is important as the various screens can become clogged over time with grime and resin. This can ruin the taste of your herb and the ease of your draw.

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel are one of the most well known names in the vape market. Founded in Germany, they have redefined what vapor quality is with high-tech vape after high-tech vape. They are most known for their main product, the Volcano classic desktop vaporizer. The Volcano was such a revolutionary success that Storz & Bickel have become giants of the vaporizer industry. Storz & Bickel are the last names of the two founders of the eponymous vape manufacturer. Markus Storz was a talented graphic designer, these accomplished skills meant that he perfectly complemented the engineering talent of his partner, Bickel. Observing a niche in the market for a luxury quality dry herb vapes, Storz got to work and started the development of the Volcano in 1996.

The Storz & Bickel built the world’s first ever factory specially built to manufacture medical dry herb vaporizers in Tuttlingen, Germany. Tuttlingen is the international capital of vape manufacture, there is over 500 medical vape manufacturers. Tuttlingen is widely thought of the world center of medical vape manufacturers, with its first factory for the production of surgical instruments was built more than 150 years ago.

Ideal For Dry Herb Vapor

Enjoy your dry herb or liquid pad oils with the Volcano like never before with a Storz & Bickel Volcano vape with the solid valve balloon attachment. Combustion has long been the preferred way for herb fans to enjoy their herb experiences, but now that vape technology has become sufficiently advanced the days of combustion rule are numbers. Vaporization has a whole range of advantages over combustion, it’s certainly a lot healthier. Combustion releases the active ingredients from your dry herb literally burning it.

When it does this it also releases a whole host of toxins and carcinogens that can be very harmful for your body over time. Vaporizers gradually bake the active ingredients out of your herb by heating it up until it vaporizes. This means that all the harmful chemicals are left behind and never enter your body!

Another advantage of vaporization is that it can preserve the more delicate parts of your herb and in turn make it taste better. The fine plant particles that affect the taste of your herb can be destroyed easily in the fires of combustion. Vaporization is a much more gentle process that can preserve these particles and allow you to enjoy them.

Vapor is water-based, so it can linger a lot longer than smoke if it is properly stored. This is how the balloons the Solid Valve Starter Set is compatible with works. A fan gradually blows your vapor into the balloon, inflating it until it is full of high-quality vapor. At this point it can be detached, the mouthpiece can be put in place and you’ll be able to enjoy the high quality vapor at your leisure. Enjoy your vape session away from your desktop Volcano!