Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

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Power Outlet:: UK Plug

UK Plug
EU Plug ( Free UK Adapter Included )

Colour: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

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Volcano HYBRID Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel bring you the successor to the Volcano desktop vaporizer, the Volcano HYBRID.
The Volcano vaporizer is highly rated for its vapor quality, density and flavour as well as its fantastic build quality, ease of use and low maintenance. You will find all of these qualities as well as new and improved features within the Volcano HYBRID.
Storz & Bickel had set the bar very high with the Volcano, but one thing people did think could have been improved was the heat up time. The HYBRID has a new and improved double heat exchanger, the temperature range has expanded and can be adjusted between 104°F - 446°F (40°C - 230°C) and will heat up to 356°F or 180°C in just 40 seconds.
The HYBRID has an automatic shutoff and a vibration alarm for added user convenience. Although, to make it even more customizable and to keep you in control, there is now also a Smartphone App for ios and android models. The App allows you to control the temperature, define and play workflows, turn the vibration alarm off/on on the vaporizer itself as well as the smartphone, set the automatic shutoff time to suit you, set the smartphone alarm to off/on as well as giving you control of the LED brightness.
Unlike the Volcano, the HYBRID also gives you more than one option for the inhilation method. The HYBRID still can be used with the patented removable valve balloon system as well as the new added feature of being able to use it with a rotating whip for direct draws.
The HYBRID uses both conduction and convection heating methods. When the balloon is being used, air is pulled into the device from the air pump, this air then travels up the vaporizer to the heater, this heater uses the convection method of heating and forces the air to spiral up the device, at the same time, the filling chamber is heated by the conduction method. Once the hot air reaches the herb, active ingredients are then vaporized and released into the balloon where it is cooled as it is inhaled. With the pipe method, the same process occurs however, there is no need for the air pump as the lung power of the user pulls the air into the vaporizer. Once the air reaches the tube, it is then cooled whilst travelling to the mouthpiece.
Storz & Bickel are renowned for the outstanding vapor quality their products produce, and there is absoloutly no exeption when it comes to the remarkable Volcano HYBRID.
The Volcano HYBRID has raised the bar to a whole new level in the desktop vaporizer market, and with a range of compatible accessories you can customize your vaping experience to suit you. We are confident that after using the HYBRID, you won't want to use a different desktop vaporizer again!

What's in the box?

1 x Volcano HYRBID Vaporizer
1 x Power Cord
3 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece
1 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter
1 x Filling Chamber (1 x cap ring, 1 x normal screen set, 1 x drip pad, 1 x cleaning brush)
1 x Tube Kit
1 x Herb Mill
1 x Instruction Manual

Please note: Until further notice, you can not download the app for this device from the app store - android apps are not affected.

The warranty for this device is dealt with by Storz & Bickel directly.

Additional Information
Power Outlet:

UK Plug, EU Plug ( Free UK Adapter Included )


Stainless Steel, Onyx