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VIVANT Ambit Water Pipe Adaptor
VIVANT Ambit Water Pipe Adaptor

VIVANT Ambit Water Pipe Adaptor
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  • Product Description

    VIVANT Ambit Water Pipe Adaptor

    Vivant has created a Water Pipe Adaptor for use with their latest vaporizer, the Ambit. This adaptor can be used with either a 14mm or 18mm joint size, making it versatile and easy for you to take your vaping experience up a notch. Using your vaporizer with a water pipe is ideal for those who like to produce big clouds, if you have serious lung power, you can create some serious vapor. For those who like the cooler feeling, there is no better way to filter your vapor than through water. If your water pipe has a percolator or ice notches, you can really get frosty, smooth hits. Whichever type of vaper you are, we are certain you won't look back from using the Ambit Vaporizer with your favourite water pipe. In fact, many people have switched their preferred choice of vaping to using their vaporizer alongside a water pipe!

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