Vaporfection viVape Vaporizer

Vendor: Vaporfection

Bundle: Standard


Colour: Black


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The best just got better - Introducing the viVape 2.

This advanced 2nd generation version of the popular viVape brings new meaning to the pursuit of perfection. There's also a DLX 14mm Water Tool Bundle available.

New viVape 2 Features:

  • New Enclosure
  • Updated Heating Element
  • Updated Touchscreen
  • New Internal Heating Control
  • Improved Dual Voltage
  • Full International Certifications

Meet the new generation of Vaporizers. Developed by Vaporfection, the brand new viVape Vaporizer employs the newest and most advanced vaporizing technology. This modern Vaporizer offers the user Dual-Delivery Method: bag or whip. The high-quality forced-air system is capable of filling up any-size balloon/bag with rich and flavorful vapor within seconds. If no time to fill a bag, the advanced whip delivery system is simple to use and highly efficient. Unlike many other forced-Air vaporizers that produce loud and annoying sounds, the viVape Vaporizer is quiet and discrete.

It also showcases the user-friendly "Vapor Sense" Touch Screen Temperature Control System that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. The innovative touch screen also enables the user to configure the delivery method and desired time of use. The viVape possess an ultra-fast warm-up time (less than 2 minutes!) and an LED glass heating chamber that glows when you’ve reached your desired vaporizing temperature. Always looking towards the future, Vaporfection has now added Vapor Sense technology to their new line of Vaporizers. The viVape is the very first vaporizer to employ this advanced technology which utilizes automatic temperature sensors and a digital microprocessor temperature controller that is directly wired to a thermo coupling temperature sensor. What does this mean for you? The ultimate vaporizing experience.

The viVape also features “set it and forget it” technology that will automatically shut the unit down after a specified amount of time. Live outside the US? Also not a problem. The viVape was designed for universal use by providing 110/220 voltage capability on every unit. Vaporfection also added their patented Vapor Glass technology to the viVape. This features a laboratory-grade glass-on-glass heating element and heating chamber that is perfectly positioned to provide the most efficient vapor possible. Unlike many other Vaporizers that utilize cheap plastics or metals, the viVape Vaporizer employs glass-on-glass technology which ensures you’ll be receiving only the cleanest and purest vapor possible.


Height: 7.75 inches
Width: 5.25 inches
Depth: 2.50 inch
Weight: 1.75 pounds

Why not upgrade?

Vaporfection ViVape Vaporizer DLX UPGRADE includes Water Tool & Whip Adapter

This is the latest 2017 model of the Vaporfection ViVape Vaporizer with the DLX upgrade - it includes a 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter and the NamasteVapes Water Tool to cool and moisten the vapor coming through the whip before it hits your lungs. These components have been designed for effortless but firm connection to the included whip, while being tight enough to ensure no vapor escape

Note: This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

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