Turbine Bong with Schiltz Diffuser and Carry Case

Vendor: Blaze Glass



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If you are the kind of person who is always moving around then this tower from Blaze Glass is the perfect travel companion with it's padded carry case. The fixed downstem leads into a Schiltz diffuser which breaks up the smoke into much smaller bubbles and causes the smoke to cool down and lose any solid particles that have been carried through from the bowl, giving a nice, cool, clean hit. The smoke then gets spun as it passes through the turbine disc perc and the centripetal force causes all the water to seperate from the smoke and ensure you don't suck up any splashback when you take a big pull. The narrow mouthpiece also does a wonderful job of increasing flavor density. The joint is a 14.4mm female one that fits perfectly with the 14.4mm male bowl that they include to complete the setup.

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