Tribute von Z 14.5 Color-Line

Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Clear


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The Tribute von Z from German manufacturer Weedstar is a prime example of their master glassblowing skills. This twisted glass recycler design is a unique piece with the upper chamber weaving directly through the lower chamber effectively creating a Swiss percolator. 

A 14.5mm glass female nail is provided for your concentrates but you can easily swap this out for use with your favorite female banger or bowl. The smoke travels down into a cube shaped diffuser in the lower chamber which disperses it through the slitted sides to be water cooled. At the lowest point in the chamber, the recycler pulls the cool smoke and water upwards to the upper chamber before falling back down through the Swiss body for extra cooling. This process repeats over rapidly, aerating the smoke before it rises up the 45° angled neck to give you one of the smoothest hits you'll have ever experienced. 

Weedstar logos are featured on the neck and downstem and the designer, Ziggi Jackson, has his signature sandblasted into the base. This is an awesome piece to add to any collection, that will always stand out from a crowd.