Genius Pipe Top Secret Stealth

Vendor: Genius Pipe

Title: Black


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Genius Pipe Top Secret Stealth

The Genius Pipe Top Secret has a simple, elegant design. Created to be discreet and simultaneously stylish, you're sure to be asked "What is that?" when you take your Genius Pipe Top Secret out.

With its own way of cooling your smoke the Top Secret is coughless, no more burned lungs or unpleasant experiences when inhaling. The Top Secret is held together by twelve strong magnets which makes it effortless to take apart when you want. To clean simply separate the top from the bottom and wipe with 70% alcohol wipe. The medical grade anodized finish makes cleaning a breeze. 

The Top Secret is sleek and well-sized, which makes it easily placed in any pocket or bag. It comes with a cover to allow the bowl to be packed and then covered so your smoking material doesn't fall out on the go. The cover also prevents the smell from your smoking material escaping.

Special Features
  • Smoke cools without water
  • Prevents coughing
  • Easy to clean
  • Cover prevents smell from escaping
  • Held together by magnetics
  • Anodized finish