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Titanium Duo Domeless Nail 14.5-18.8mm

Titanium Duo Domeless Nail 14.5-18.8mm

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The Titanium Duo Domeless Nail 14.5-18.8mm is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Titanium Duo Domeless Nail 14.5-18.8mm by Grace Glass

    The Domeless Titanium Nail from Grace Glass will fit female jointed bongs or waterpipes with either 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size.

    The oil vapour travels through the tube in the nail negating the need for a conventional dome.

    Made from Grade 2 titanium, Grace Glass have produced a premium quality, easy to clean nail that is sure to be a big hit with the dabbing fraternity. 

    ATTENTION: All Titanium/Steel Nails will expand slightly when used with direct heat, so to prevent any unwanted cracks or breakages to the female end of your glass bong, we would strongly advise that you use 'Joint Wax' to avoid this!

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Grace Glass
    concentrate utensils Concentrate Nails
    diameter 16mm
    height 46mm
    joint Male
    joint size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
    material GR.2 Titanium, Metal, Titanium
    nail style Domeless