TinyMight V2 Vaporizer

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The Tinymight 2 vaporizer, as its name implies, is tiny and mighty. Ok, maybe it’s not that tiny, but you likely won’t find this much power in a smaller package anywhere else. In fact, you’d have trouble finding this much power in a vape twice this size.

This thing is truly built to hit hard and fast. While other vapes can take as many as 20 puffs to fully extract a bowl, the Tinymight 2 doesn’t mess around. With it, you can get every drop of goodness out of your herb in just a few draws. Because of this, you’ll get some of the biggest clouds possible from a portable vape without sacrificing flavour.

Tinymight 2 Features

Full Convection Heating

The main reason you can experience so much flavour with the Tinymight 2 is because of the full convection heating technology. Every bit of vapour you inhale is extracted by hot air flowing across the surface of your herb. Convection heating gently heats your product, ensuring every compound inside evaporates at the optimum temperature.

The Tinymight 2 is an engineering marvel. It reaches operating temperature in well under 10 seconds. Countless companies have attempted to reach this level of heat-up speed but have yet to succeed. Even traditional heating methods, which are considered to be faster (i.e. conduction heating), struggle to keep up. 

Dual Usage Modes

The Tinymight 2 offers two modes of operation: session and on-demand. Most vaporizers are one or the other, with an increasing number claiming to do both. To better understand, let’s go over the meaning of each mode.

  • Session Mode: When the vaporizer is turned on, it will heat to the set operating temperature and stay there. This mode lets you hit as much or as little as you want with zero wait time between draws. To activate session mode, press the button three times, holding down on the last press until you feel the device vibrate. The Tinymight 2 will remain heated until manually powered off by pressing the power button three times. You can hold the button down for a temporary temperature increase at any time during the session.
  • On-Demand Mode: The Tinymight 2 maintains a warm temperature lower than the set operating temperature. By doing so, it preserves battery life. This mode is ideal if you like to take your time between puffs. When you’re ready to take a hit, hold the power button and wait until it vibrates. Because of the preheating, it only takes a few seconds before It’s ready to go.

Tons of devices claim to offer both modes. Most of those tend to be session vapes with an added gimmick they try to pass off as an on-demand mode. With the Tinymight 2, you get a completely authentic experience no matter which mode you choose.

Easy Temperature Control

The Tinymight 2 goes back to basics when it comes to its temperature dial. Yes, we said dial - as in an actual physical dial. It doesn’t get easier than that. The dial ranges from 0-10 and works almost identically in both session and on-demand modes. 

The 0 setting means the device is locked and can’t accidentally turn on. Settings 1-10 on the dial correspond to temperatures ranging from 140°C to 230°C. 

Each successive number increases the temperature by 10°C. The only exception to this rule is setting number 10 in on-demand mode. This setting is reserved for the powerful Beast Mode. 

The lower the temperature, the more flavour you get from each draw. As the temperature increases, so does vapour production.

Beast Mode

The Tinymight 2 includes a special feature for users who want an extra kick. To activate Beast Mode, turn the temperature dial to setting 10 while in on-demand mode. Instead of increasing the temperature by 10°C as usual, it jumps a massive 30°C from setting 9, reaching a maximum temperature of 250°C.

Beast Mode is mainly meant to be used with concentrates. 250°C is hotter than most dry herb vaporizers can reach, even those that officially support concentrates. This is a huge advantage for the Tinymight 2 because high temperatures vaporize concentrates much more efficiently.

It’s possible to vape dry herb with Beast Mode, but you should be careful if you decide to try it. 250°C is higher than the combustion temperature of dry herbs. You’ll get the biggest possible clouds If you inhale very slowly. You might end up burning your material if you go too hard, and nobody wants that.


The multi-tool included with the Tinymight 2 is a game changer. We would like to see more companies including something like this. It’s always a pain to empty a bowl with nothing to scoop it out. The multi-tool is a long, thin piece of metal that lets you easily loosen and pour out your used-up herb.

The tool also allows you to change the depth of the heating chamber. The bottom of the stem acts as the chamber, and the built-in cooling unit sets the depth. The multi-tool is used to push the cooling unit up or down inside the stem to increase or decrease the chamber size.

When your material is blowing around uncontrollably inside the chamber, it can’t be heated evenly. A shallower heating chamber is essential if you only want to use a small amount of material. It keeps the herb firmly in place so the convection heating can do its job and provide you with full flavourful hits.

Swappable Battery

While the Tinymight 2 does not include passthrough charging, it does allow you to swap the 18650 battery. This is a welcome feature and one that’s not as common as it should be in the vaporizer market. 18650 batteries are pretty cheap. If you have a spare, you’ll never miss a session because of a dead battery.

In many cases, a swappable battery is more useful than passthrough charging. Keeping a spare or two nearby means your Tinymight 2 will always be ready to go when needed.