Themed Perc Beaker Bong


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This stunning water pipe from Radiant Glass is a perfect gift for anyone who has a theme to their water pipe collection! Not only does it look incredible with its yellow accents and detailing, it also has plenty of great features to give you the smoothest, cleanest and coolest hits.
It has a beaker base, making it sturdy and stable. It has a fixed downstem, which connects straight to a showerhead percolator. It also has a UFO percolator as well as ice notches so you can stack up the ice cubes to give you even cooler hits. A male 18.8mm herb bowl is also included.
It stands around 14" in height, giving the smoke plenty of time to cool as it travels up through the percolators, giving you clean and filtered hits every time.
This bong is sure to be a real talking point at parties and a huge hit with friends as it performs as good as it looks!